My Life is Murder, season 3, with a new face

Lucy Lawless in My Life is Murder

My Life is Murder, season 3, premiered on Acorn TV October 10 with two episodes. Lucy Lawless as retired detective/bread maker is back solving crimes for the Auckland police department. The third season is as charming and colorful as ever, with Alexa Crowe solving murders with ease. There are some minor spoilers ahead because I was given access to screeners of more episodes – nothing vital is revealed.

My Life is Murder is as bright as the smile on Alexa’s face. Brilliant colorful outfits, well-chosen settings around Auckland, and brightly lit crime scenes are the rule in this series. Although I do question Alexa’s new fashion choice to have one shirttail tucked in and the other hanging out. (I expect it will become a trend – just watch and see.)

Madison (Ebony Vagulans), Harry (Rawiri Jobe) and Reuben (Joe Naufahu), along with new friends into this unlikely “found family.” Alexa is surrounded  a Navy Cryptologist (newcomer Tatum Warren-Ngata).
Beth, the new face in the cap, joins the crew in season 3.

A couple of cast changes among the regulars work into season 3. Madison (Ebony Vagulans) is seen only on video calls in the first part of the season. She claims to be in Paris.

Madison sends in Beth (Tatum Warren-Ngata) as a substitute helper for Alexa. Beth is a former Navy cryptologist who sticks around even after Madison is back. Two computer geniuses are better than one, right?

Alexa’s police contact Harry (Rawiri Jobe) and the cafe owner Reuben (Joe Naufahu) are still on the scene. 

Martin Henderson in My Life is Murder

Alexa’s brother (Martin Henderson) gets out of prison and figures in several episodes.

Every episode has its own guest stars. A couple of them are Temuera Morrison and Simone Kessell. Alexa solves crimes in tango clubs, horse farms, retirement homes. She even solves a case involving a neighborhood dispute over Christmas lights. 

Auckland is a star. When Alexa and Harry meet to discuss every new case, it’s always outside in a gorgeous spot that makes the city look its best. It makes you want to visit all those lovely locations.

I had a nice laugh over the private joke about Beth designing a cat app. Alexa made fun of it, but when the series began filming they shot in Australia. The cat they used in Australia had it’s own animated series, as I mentioned in my review of season 1. The current New Zealand feline could use an app, don’t you think?

Two new episodes of the series will be available on Mondays until the series is completed on November 7. My Life is Murder is charming and delightful and definitely worth watching.

42 thoughts on “My Life is Murder, season 3, with a new face”

  1. christopher swaby

    so excited that this is back for another season. i have enjoyed a number of recent series in this vein which seem to be modeling this show, which is just gold.

  2. I’m missing Madison. Hope to see more of her. Alexa’s shirt tucked half in half out…I can’t remember which show/actor started this “trend”.

  3. I miss Madison. She is witty, brilliant, and an excellent actress, who has bonded not only with Alexa, but with the audience. Beth (Tatum Warren-Ngata), who is standing in for Madison, is a very capable actress, but why is she made to look 14 years old. Are we supposed to believe that she is a gifted child Cryptologist, who is a navy vet, REALLY? At least provide Tatum with a credible and age appropriate wardrobe. I do not think that a more sophisticated look would hurt the character, but enhance her appeal to the audience. Ebony has nothing to worry about, she is loved.

  4. I love the show Life is Murder. I am able to watch it from the streaming channel Acorn TV. If you ever cancel this show I will cancel my subscription.

    1. Ebony was NOT pregnant. She got COVID, Tatum Warren-Ngata came in. Then Tatum got COVID and Ebony was back in. Now they are both in the story and doing great. []

  5. Thank you for your great responses. So it was Covid- well I am delighted that they are fine and as we see now in Acorn, back to work. Perhaps working together will provide Ebony and Beth with more screen time. I hope to see more of Martin Henderson. Will is a fun character and his colonial twang is wonderful. His American accent in Virgin River is amazing, but I prefer his Will over his character, Jack.

  6. Barbara Lynne Collins

    A friend keeps saying that Beth is Alexa’s niece, but nobody has said that. I must say I do not like Beth.

  7. I watch this great program in the U.K.! When is series 3 coming to us in the U.K.? And is there any explanation as to why Alexa moved from Australia to Auckland?

  8. Seriously, the partly untucked shirt looks ridiculous. While I’m not a fan of Madison – I find her annoying – the Beth character is bloody awful! The braids and ghastly clothing makes her look 14 years old; a completely unbelievable character.

  9. As much as I like Madison (And her actress, Ebony.) I like Beth (Tatum) too. She’s funny, witty, spunky. Her wardrobe definitely does not fit the notion of a Navy cryptologist between ports, but it does allow her to blend into places she shouldn’t be when she’s getting “nosy”. Who would suspect a young gamer girl of anything clandestine? 😉

    Her personality, I can suspend my disbelief on. I’ve read many comments saying she acts way to young and flighty to be a Naval recruit. But I actually know a few female Naval enlisties in their early 20’s who fit this personality perfectly. Beth actually reminds me of those girls. So there is a bit of push and pull with her character. But I’m good with it. I like her. I just read that she gets to stick around after Madison comes back. That makes me pretty happy.

  10. I’m in the U.K. and have found series one has ten episodes and series two has only four…..episode one, two and three are not available and the last one is seven! Is this normal or is it just that the full series is not available here? As for series three, I’m waiting patiently….how many episodes in series three?
    I just love this programme…..I’d love to know what’s going on!

      1. Season three was filmed in and around Tāmaki Makaurau Auckland. The stunning shots of the Auckand Harbour were filmed near the Viaduct, (where the America’s Cup 2021 was held) and as far a field as Puhoi north of Auckland.

  11. Season 3 is a bit over the top. Everything is way too colorful; I want to put on sunglasses. There is no need for Beth either. She doesn’t fit in at all. She’s very immature and doesn’t fit the position she’s supposed to hold. At least when the location was changed, it fit and Harry’s replacement of Kieran worked too. Why do good shows always make bad changes? No longer watching.

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