News about Last Tango in Halifax Christmas Special

Sarah Lancashire and Lorraine Burroughs in Last Tango in Halifax

The air dates in the UK for the 2 part Christmas special of Last Tango in Halifax on BBC One are December 19 and 20 at 9 PM. There is no announcement yet about when PBS or Netflix will bring it to the U.S.

A trailer was released yesterday. The new face in the cast is Lorraine Burroughs. There are rumors that she is a potential new love interest for Caroline (Sarah Lancashire), but I’ve not seen that confirmed yet. It’s confirmed that there is a potential new love interest, and Lorraine Burroughs is the only new face around. Jumping to conclusions might not be a bad idea. On the other hand, this show has a history of offering up misleading clues in the teasers.

The child playing Flora is adorable. Adorable.

If, like me, you are not familiar with the geography of West Yorkshire, I thought you might like to see how far away “the dark side of the moon” is. It’s about 35 miles south of Harrogate, where Caroline has been living for 3 seasons.

detail map of yorkshire

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