One More Reason to Like Longmire: An Age Appropriate Relationship

I’m a dedicated Longmire fan. I’ve previously mentioned several reasons why.

  1. Filmed in beautiful New Mexico
  2. Katee Sackhoff is in it
  3. Native American culture is treated with respect
  4. Very interesting complicated characters

After watching season 4 of Longmire on Netflix, I have another reason for loving the show.

Let’s back up a bit. Walt Longmire (Robert Taylor) is the sheriff of a mythical county in Wyoming where there is a new murder to investigate in almost every episode. In a long story arc starting in season 1 and stretching all the way into season 4 Walt is coming to terms with his wife’s murder. He tries to find her murderer. His best friend Henry Standing Bear (Lou Diamond Phillips) is accused of killing the man who murdered Walt’s wife. It takes time to prove Henry innocent. They have to find the real killer. That someone was tied to people in his county. He tries to find who gave the orders. Who had his wife killed and who killed her murderer?

In season 4, episode 3 we finally get the answer to that question. It isn’t the answer anyone expected. At last, Walt gets the closure he’s needed. It’s a brilliant episode. Tense, beautifully shot, amazing acting. It reminded me of the scene in The Fall where Stella interrogates Paul Specter.

Walt, finally, is at a place where he can let go of his wife and his desire for revenge. He might be open to letting a woman into his life again.

Katee Sackhoff and Robert Taylor in Longmire

Deputy Vic Moretti (Sackhoff) has visions of it being Walt’s new woman. Walt is not of the same mind. She is his deputy. Full stop.

Ally Walker

That’s about the time Walt meets the gorgeous Dr. Donna Sue Monahan (Ally Walker). She’s an overworked psychiatrist who works with PTSD cases and victims of trauma.

Walt is smitten. She’s reluctant. She’s busy. He’s busy. It takes them a while to figure it out.

I’m very interested in the feminist issue of age appropriate relationships in the movies and on TV. Older men with younger women seems to be the norm. But not on Longmire. Robert Taylor and Ally Walker are both over 50. Katee Sackhoff is 35.

Reason number 5 to love Longmire: he picks the woman his own age to court. Go, Walt!

Walt and Donna are in each others arms in the last few seconds of episode 10 for the big season 4 cliffhanger, so I’m hoping Ally Walker will be back if there is a season 5. I enjoyed her character in season 4 and she would be good for the story. My fingers are crossed.

Here’s my review of season 5.

The Final Season

The 6th and final season begins on Netflix on November 17, 2017. Here’s my review of season 6.

68 thoughts on “One More Reason to Like Longmire: An Age Appropriate Relationship”

  1. Ahem. You have just gotten personal and offended me. To me, the stereotype is ‘must be same age.’ I am 16.5 years older than my husband. It should be in this age of tolerance for same sex or multiple relationships, no big thing, no matter age difference. If Taylor were 35 and Sackhoff 55, you would be hootin’ and rootin’ for the sheriff and the ‘cougar.’ The show spent THREE seasons setting up a relationship between LEO soulmates, and ripped that apart Season Four for a more trite and less true route. VERY disappointed in your commentary!!!

    1. Here’s why I think this pair is worthy of comment. There’s a problem in movies and to a lesser degree on television. Women over a certain age aren’t considered viable as romantic partners. Men, however, are romantic leads up into their 70s and are paired with much younger women.

      Here are a few references to the kind of thing I’m talking about:

      I’m looking at this from the perspective of the over 40 actress (although I’m not one). Women remain beautiful and sexy and worthy of love when they pass that 40 mark. Any film or TV show that offers an example of an over 40 woman who gets the man will get a thumbs up from me.

      In real life, not a TV show, I think people fall in love with who they fall in love with. Age isn’t a factor. Love isn’t decided based on age. That’s real life. It’s multitudinous and doesn’t come with script writers.

      But in the world of pop culture, where one TV show, one relationship, stands as an example of “everyman and everywoman” then I think the trend needs to move away from the norm being an older man and a younger woman. I’m not arguing that every relationship on TV has to be between two people of the same age, I’m saying the the historic discounting of women over 40 as viable romantic leads needs to change.

      As for Walt Longmire and Vic Moretti, I think Vic has some issues. We don’t know what they are yet, but we see signs. The way she jumped to conclusions about the deputy she slept with once. They way she sits by the phone like a high school girl when she thinks she’s found a man. Her messed up marriage. The cop who followed her from Philly. There’s something off there. Maybe we’ll learn what it is in season 5. I think Walt sees that and wants to do something about it before he loses her the way he lost Branch. I don’t think it’s a given that he is interested in her sexually.

      1. Virginia, I am an older woman and agree with you about older actresses and a dearth of opportunities, and objectionable (to me) language &;plots in shows like Frankie & Johnnie. Unlike that show, Longmire is based on the books by Craig Johnson, where ‘overage,overweight and overdepressed’ (Mr. Johnson’s words) Walt falls in love with his deputy, hoping he can set the stage for her to follow him and break the glass ceiling in Wyoming — never been a female sheriff in Wyo., before. In conservative Wyo, gives her almost mythical proficiency so to succeed. After a rocky, uneven start, Walt & Vic have been together 8 books so far…

      2. I think you are bitter & a bit jealous of a fictitious character. She has been in this since day one & the way they are with each other it’s clear they will get together. Get over it…

      3. For the Netflix show, the Season 6 Logo has been revealed: a HEART (last year was a target.) Walt and Vic are poised for a relationship. They did that end of Season 3 and then yanked it back, very unpopular move. Hopefully, we will see what the showrunners have promised us: “a satisfying ending.” Some of us hope they may leave a cliffhanger or two to take the show into a movie.

      4. Brenda Luckhurst

        A movie would be great but I’d like to hear Longmire is up for season 10 !! Just can’t get enough of my home town boy Robert Taylor. Final season just released here in Australia and I just could have cried when Walt answered that mobile phone. I’m hoping Vic slipped the phone into his jeans. Lovely way that all main cast were visited with a window into what their future would hold.

    2. Scratch the age difference. My husband and I married when he was 60 and I was 30. I had him for 33 years. I would never! Ever change that.

      1. My name is Lin also. My husband is 20 years older than me. We’ve been together for 5 years now and I thank my lucky stars everyday.

    3. I agree. She is happy because it went they way she wanted. I’m 14 years older than my wife. We have been married 21 incredible years. I can’t say we have ever fought, only disagreements than normally end up in a hug, even love in the bedroom. The key to our success is we have put God first and we have mutual respect. Jack

      1. I’m sure if it was turned around and Vic was 20 years older than Longmire, all the old, overweight, lackluster women would be rooting for her. But God forbid the handsome older man chooses the younger beautiful woman.

    1. The Lizzie gift thing was poor writing. Vic has saved Walt’s life doing her job, but more importantly, his career, when she was willing to lose HER career to protect him when he meddled re Gorski. She took the punch meant for Jacob to keep him out of jail. After Pop 25, if you didn’t get it before that her marriage was dead because she loved Walt, you did then. Beaten and concussed, she leaves her husband to go back for Walt, whi was willing to lay down his life for her safety. Sheesh, subtlest romance of the century

      1. I am in total agreement with this post above, the writers gave us 3 seasons of showing us the developing feelings growing between Walt & Vic !! Both went to extremes to protect& care for the other & show what best friends do for each other, then the writers totally destroyed that friendship in season 4 , it will be an act of serious writing on their parts to rebuild the trust & respect of these 2 characters !! We , readers also know they are together in books, I personally think Donna is Walt’s Vonny from the books, (I maybe totally wrong, but I don’t think so ) Walt , I think , is scared of how he let Branch down & has built a barrier between Him & Vic , but I don’t think he realizes the concequences of his actions, will be writers choice of how he & Vic can rebuild this destruction of their friendship !! Vic has issues ,she has got to deal with & I think she will in S5 , she thinks Walt is completely done with her as a friend , so I think ( I really hope , she wont leave the show,) BUT I think she may realize she has got to live her life , it will be hard for her to work with Walt knowing he is trying to build a life with Donna(I think Donna will be around for most of S5, but not a permanent member of cast like the rest of them) The show is based on the books centered around WALT LONGMIRE ( VIC MORETTI) is a HUGE & IMPORTANT part of Walt’s life , so I really think they will end up together eventually , maybe not S5 or S6, but eventually , my way of thinking, they simply cannot venture too far from the books or they have overshot what Craig Johnson has put his heart & soul into concerning WALT LONGMIRE !!!!!!!

  2. I am also older than my husband by 10 years, but, I agree with the above commentary. I have never felt that Walt was attracted to Vic in that way, it is all on her part, he is her superior and would never cross that line. I missed the love interest from the first season and blame that on Vic. How juvenile was hiding a gift from Lizzy?

    1. I always viewed Vic and Walt’s relationship like Father and Daughter. I didn’t see any romantic sparks between them only a true deep caring that you would have with a really good friend so I it actually CREEPED me out to see them hook up at the end. For me it ruined the whole series. I agree the first season romance was Walt’s best.

      1. Brenda Luckhurst

        Has anyone read Craig Johnson’s books? Walt and Vic are an item very early on when Walt visits Philadelphia and meets her. I expected some sort of relationship based on that. While the series does not closely mirror the books I’m not so sure why people are creeped out by the autumn summer relationship. You can’t help who u fall in love with folks.

      2. Oh i agree. But why is it always a much older man with a younger woman ? Does love only exist for men ? Where are all these examples of women older than their men in movies ? Women are so naive while it is not about love but about social construction.

      3. JulieS – Couldn’t agree more! I felt it was a father-daughter protective type relationship.
        Loved the series, hated this hook up at the end. Gross!

      4. Kelley Countryman

        I completely agree with you! It was very disturbing to me. And it did trash the whole series for me.

  3. Never really liked Lizzy.
    By the way, Henry Standingbear was not accused of Martha Longmire’s murder. He was accused of killing the person that murdered Martha.

  4. Sheriff Bo Tulley

    The way they ended the season, the doc could have been written out of the show. It looked to me that the person that broke in to Walt’s house had on hospital slippers and the guy that the doc was seeing for PTSD broke out of the hospital from trying to commit suicide. I believe Netflix sees the fan base so I believe there will be a season 5 and it can’t come soon enough.

  5. I don’t think it’s a big deal either way although I’ve always been attracted to women –7 ~ +5 years. Vic and Walt DO get together in the books.

  6. I’m sad that they changed the Vic & Walt relationship on the TV version. I liked the thought of these two getting together. Who knows maybe the Dr. won’t make it in Season 5 & then Vic & Walt can try again. I’m keeping my fingers crossed!!!!

    1. I just finished watching the series on Netflix, and love it! Finally someone who agrees they should be together!! Can’t wait! Does anyone know what book they get together in?

  7. I’m a latecomer to the show (just midway through S3) but did want to say that there is clearly a moment in the show where both Vic and Walt are contemplating taking their friendship further. When they stay in the motel in AZ and have adjoining rooms, they both stare at the connecting door in contemplation as they sit in their separate rooms. Also, when Walt changes shirts in the “reading room” because his is covered in blood, there is clearly a moment of sexual tension that is heightened because of their physical proximity. I don’t think anyone is fabricating the possibility of a romantic relationship between them, but if the writers went in a different direction, that’s cool, too. Now I have to stop reading spoilers and get back to the show!

  8. I recently found this show on Netflix and I’m obsessed! I can’t understand why some people refer to it as an “old peoples show.” I’m not old and I love it. Such great storylines and I adore Walt. Such a handsome manly man.

      1. They made Ally Walker look haggard, and she IS older than him. A rushed, forced sex-thing only, Book Walt is not such a Hollywood Dog.

  9. It’s poor storytelling to suddenly have him with someone else long term. I hope they don’t go there. Those characters (Walt and Vic) have spent seasons forming the deep friendship and mutual respect necessary for a lasting relationship. Not everything has to be flirty, racy, “socially appropriate” and made for a tv focus group. I am personally very glad that they got rid of his stalker (Lizzie). Her behavior was manipulative and completely inappropriate. How is it that none of the characters on the show called her on it? Shameful for a show that deals with so many other modern issues so well. It would feel more authentic if they let the characters with common interests, similar dedication, and proven friendship keep heading down the path to finding happiness. Walt and Vic both have things to figure out. Heck most of the show is Walt being a wreck, yet someone is calling Vic out for having some issues after the couple of years of hell she’s had? Double standard much? People are complex, just give her a season to come to terms with her stuff like they did Walt. Sure there needs to be better representation of older men and women in relationships, but not at the sake of this story.

  10. Vic and Longmire are together in the books, but Martha also actually died of cancer in the books and Cady lives in Philadelphia so who knows. I love their relationship in the books and I think Walt is older because he fought in Vietnam.

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  12. I totally agree that there is a dearth of good roles for women over 40 on TV. It was really nice to see a romance between two people over 50. While May-December romances can certainly be successful, they are not the norm in our society. I do think May-December romances are vastly overrepresented on TV and in movies. There is something different about what 50 somethings bring to a relationship, than what thirty somethings do. People do get wiser as they get older. They have more baggage, but they also have had more time to process through it.

    I was left with the impression that part of the reason Walt let Donna go and she didn’t resist, was that they both knew he is still very attracted to Vic, and, in Walt’s mind, it would be dishonest of him to pursue a deeper relationship with Donna. I’d like to see Walt and Vic together, but I’d also like to see what I think would be realistic. Realistically, I don’t think these two wouldn’t stay together in a committed relationship with each other for long. I could see them romantically and passionately involved for a time, but then breaking up amicably — and remaining close friends. Once their passion faded, I think they’d see that their differences are too great. Walt had a lot of valid reasons for not acting on his attraction to Vic: he is her boss, he is a lot older, and she has a history of impulsive, self-destructive behavior which included having an affair with her former, married supervisor. I also think that their relationship is rooted in their work – both are workaholics and so spend a lot of time together, but I doubt they would have much in common during off work hours. Walt is a strong introvert who likes living in an isolated cabin and apparently spending days reading and working on his cabin. Do you see Vic enjoying a life like that? She strikes me as being a lot more extraverted and thrill-seeking and not ready to settle down into the simple, quiet lifestyle Walt craves. Once their passion for each other is out of their systems, I could see Walt trying to strike up a relationship with Donna again and Vic even encouraging him to do so.

    1. Walt and Donna might have had a chance, but I felt they couldn’t get past the trauma of the attack they went through together. There’s only one season left of the TV series, so it will be on everyone’s mind to see if Walt and Vic get together before they finish the last season.

  13. We need more seasons of Longmire!! I really love this series. Or how about made for TV movies??? Netflix don’t let us down!!

    1. Netflix renewed Longmire for a SIXTH season, but it will be the FINAL season. In Season FIVE, Walt realizes that relative age is the LEAST of considerations for a relationship with a woman to thrive. He values loyalty and the absolute black and white of truth, which Donna does not embrace or understand.

  14. The writers took what was a remarkable show (S1-3) and ran it into the ground. Whether it was Hollywood ego in thinking they could out write it out plot Craig Johnson with the characters he created no one will ever know for sure. The Executive Producers and the writers of S4 & S5 should be made to stand on Hollywood Blvd with placards around their necks stating that their poor story arcs and bad writing ruined the best TV show to come along in the past two decades. I have no hope these idiots will redeem themselves in S6

      1. For those of us who adore the TV series, BASED on Craig Johnson’s characters, that was a very disrespectful thing to say, to dismiss our feelings to “stick with the books.” A LOT of us love the show, and Season 5 was a benchmark for Walt and Vic development. Walt has figured out he and Dr. Monaghan have very little in common and have broken up. Vic has told Dr. Monaghan what was what S5E3 and is fiercely protective and caring about Walt. Dr. Monaghan has demonstrated zero in that department. The fairytale kiss Vic bestowed on Walt S5E1 is undoubtedly a harbinger. He couldn’t answer who was the better kisser when Donna was playing her mindgames with him. Let the show play out. Season SIX may weave it all together. Mistakes, redemption, passion, “If we can get it right, just once…”

      2. I certainly don’t mean to be disrespectful. But why watch something you dislike so much? Personally I love the TV series, but I’ve never read the books. Maybe if I’d read the books, I’d feel betrayed by the TV version as well.

        It’s okay to like one thing and not the other, or to like both as they are. That doesn’t seem disrespectful, it seems like the freedom to use your entertainment hours in a way that makes you happy.

  15. The books and the series are completely different so comparing them is really useless. Just enjoy each but keep them separate in your mind.

    I see no chemistry at all between Vic and Walt but Walt and Donna are equals, in my opinion. Both have baggage and are skittish but both are deeply intelligent and interesting individuals. With that said I honestly don’t see Walt ending up with anybody, He’s still in love with Martha and still compares any woman to her. Vic will never fulfill that role no matter what her age. Kudos to the writers for bringing in Ally; as it has been said there are so few good roles for women of a certain age and she really fit the bill for a potential romance.

      1. Not necessarily. I already watched season 5. They had no reason to split off so I hope it is not put point there

      2. Other than…Walt lost his desire (told her he wanted to wait til marriage) and said they “never were a thing”, maybe. Vic’s fairytale kiss from S5E1 — BOOM! Vic tells Donna off S5E3 because Donna doesn’t respect Walt or care that he needs her after his trauma. After that: Walt & Donna totally disagree on Walt’s core principles (truth is truth, NOT perception) and Donna is disbelieving Walt is attracted to Vic, after Donna tries that stupid Truth or Dare game and asks who is the better kisser. Surprise, surprise.

  16. My problem with this is that people always talk about these feminist things like “the norm about younger women dating older men” and in my personal opinion shaming a woman for dating someone older than her is counterproductive. I’m married to a man 19 years older than me and do you know why? Because I’m in love with him. It has nothing to do with age just as if it has nothing to do with his eye color. My family hates that I married someone older than me, and so does everyone else! The norm is most certainly not age difference. That’s insane. If I even would have said that I liked a guy older than me as a kid I would be screamed at by my obnoxious catholic aunt (it really has nothing to do with religion she’s just personally annoying and her reason behind it is because she’s catholic), judged by my brother saying that I’m disgusting, and laughed at by the rest. It’s all about personality, many like people their age because they have similar thoughts and ideas, I like older men for the same reason. I have similar points of view and I prefer if they are more mature. So he’s a public service announcement for everyone: I don’t care who you marry or how old they are, just let me live my nice, beautiful life with the love of my life. Also, to the feminists out there: if you want female equality and stereotypes to stop, let women date whoever they want. Not just what you think is right.

  17. I think that dr. Sue Monahan she is really different they have different personalities Walt and Vic they should be together I don’t care about age it’s about love if you are in love don’t let anybody say he’s too old for you or she’s too old for you it doesn’t matter if you love each other that’s all that matters and that’s it it’s your choice

  18. One more thing I think dr. Monahan is two different for Walter Longmire Victoria Moretti she is good for Walt they have known each other for a long time in the show I think they should be together age does not matter it is love that matters if you love someone you love them don’t let anybody else say he’s too old for you or she’s too old for you it does not matter if you love each other that’s all that matters it’s your choice

  19. Oh i agree, love is love. But why is it always a much older man with a younger woman ? Does love only exist for men ? Where are all these examples of women older than their men in movies ? Women are so naive while it is not about love but about social construction. And im so tired of that. Everyone around me is shocked when a woman is older than her man, even for a few years they point it on medias. Now give me examples of an actress of 50/60 hanging out with 30 something men? So please women stop answering by “love is love” because it is so hypocrite. If love was love then there would be plenty of examples around us. If you found one it is incredible. And then, I would be happy to see it on tv. But right now, I’m just tired of old men and young women, as if older women were unlovable. It’s a shame. And while I’m young I can perfectly feel that, by the number of old men who wants to have an affair with me because they think their wife is too old for them now. It makes me laugh because they look as old as their partner and they should accept it. This is life. Does love exist for men ? I keep wondering because as soon as their partner gets a bit old many of them want a new and younger one. It makes me sad actually. For women, for sisters. And I feel that hanging out with older men is participating in that. Let them believe a woman should always be young. It really makes me sad.

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  21. I guess you are only talking about fiction. My wife is 20 years older than me and our relationship is great. 28 years in btw.

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