P!nk All I Know So Far is fearless and personal

P!nk performing

P!nk All I Know so Far is a documentary about the tour and behind the scenes action with her family that lead up to P!nk’s first Wembley Stadium performance in 2019. As P!nk herself put it, “It’s a concert, it’s a tour, but it’s also the story of our life.”

Streaming on Prime Video, P!nk All I Know so Far is as much about parenting and family as it is about rehearsals and performing. With her husband Carey Hart and her two kids Willow and Jameson along for the tour, P!nk set off across North America and Europe on the Beautiful Trauma* tour than ended in London at Wembley with thousands and thousands of people in the audience. Performing there was a lifetime goal for P!nk.

A rehearsal scene from P!nk All I Know so Far

P!nk is a terrific singer, that’s true. But she’s also a loving mom and a loving wife. She’s a business woman and the leader of a whole troupe of musicians, dancers, and auxiliary people working on costumes and sets and logistics. Many women rockers could say the same, I suppose, but P!nk has one extra trick up her sleeve.

Concert scene from P!

P!nk has a background in gymnastics. She uses it to do aerial stunts and flights over her audiences. The performances are even more amazing because she sings while she’s doing it. She claims she sings better upside down.

Behind the scenes we see her with her kids. She talks about her life and about what she hopes for her kids. She uses the travel to broaden their education, but when 8 year old Willow wants to go home for a few days to be at summer camp with her friends, she lets her do it.

P!nk talks about herself and her upbringing, her training. She’s a smart, thoughtful woman who understands herself and what she’s doing. She also sees the impact her music and her public persona have on her fans. She read some fan letters and tweets that made her both laugh and cry. Best of all, she loves what she’s doing.

Poster for P!nk All I Know so Far

I thought the film was one of the better concert tour documentaries I’ve seen. It was honest and brave and beautiful. I recommend it.

Here’s a preview from P!nk.


Take a look at the trailer.

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