Polyamory and Lost Girl

Zoie Palmer and Kris Holden-Ried

Did you watch Half Pint: Emerald City Comic Con 2014 Report at Drinks at the Dal? In this interview, Zoie Palmer and Kris Holden-Ried from Lost Girl were on stage for about an hour answering questions. In response to one of the questions, Kris Holden-Ried commented that he liked the idea of polyamory for the characters.

The Wikipedia definition of polyamory is, “Polyamory is the practice, desire, or acceptance of having more than one intimate relationship at a time with the knowledge and consent of everyone involved.”

The current state of polyamory on Lost Girl

Knowledge and consent are keywords in that definition as it relates to Lost Girl. From the first episode, Bo (Anna Silk) has had more than one intimate relationship, but it wasn’t always with the consent of everyone involved. For Lauren’s sake, Bo tried monogamy. When Bo couldn’t make it work, and Lauren couldn’t keep up the pace Bo needed, Lauren was forced to grant grudging consent to Bo having sex with others. At that time, Lauren put the caveat of “no wolf” on her consent.

Even that didn’t work. Lauren broke it off with Bo. Since then there has been some kissing and potential reunion between the two, but no actual sex. Lauren announces frequently that she loves Bo, even though they haven’t been a couple for a while. There’s was also some kissing with Tamsin (Rachel Skarsten) but no actual sex. Meanwhile, Bo and Dyson have been going at it, as well as Bo and Rainer.

Early on, Dyson struggled with the idea of sharing/servicing Bo, but recently Dyson has been happy to be used by Bo for sex for any reason at all. And he doesn’t seem to mind the idea of Lauren doing the same thing.

Bo told Lauren and Dyson that she loves them both and cannot decide between them. Dyson has indicated an interest in Lauren – saying he would have trouble deciding, too – but Lauren is very clear about only being interested in Bo.

Polyamory in season 5

My prediction for season 5 is that Bo and Lauren will have some sex scenes again. Sex with Dyson will continue in season 5 as well.

But will there be a threesome with Bo, Lauren and Dyson? A lot of people are talking about this. When people mention polyamory and Lost Girl, they actually mean they want to see this threesome. If a cast member like Kris Holden-Ried mentions it at a comic con, you know there’s been discussion about it among the Lost Girl cast and creators.

Here’s what I’d like to see. I’d like for Bo to keep her relationships with Lauren and Dyson separate. She loves them both, she should be free to love them both in her unique succubus style. That’s okay. But individually.

Dyson and Lauren are emotionally important to her, they are not just sex partners. They bring different things to her, she gives different things to them. She should have them both, but not at the same time. This fits her personality and it would work better for Lauren as well. Dyson might be interested in a threesome, but I don’t think it would be good for Lauren. However, I think both Lauren and Dyson are at the point where consent for Bo to have them both makes sense to them, too. They are willing.

Okay, so back to the idea of threesomes or group sex. Not polyamorous relationships, but group sex.

We’ve seen Bo involved in threesomes – one with Ryan and the blonde hostess from the restaurant and one with a couple Bo picked up at the Dal. But we’ve never seen Bo in scenes of group sex where key cast members like Lauren or Dyson are involved.

I just said I don’t think there should be any of Bo, Lauren and Dyson together. But if we’re talking about principal cast members, I think Bo, Dyson and Tamsin would work. Tamsin and Dyson have been together recently, even as Tamsin was looking for excuses to plant big lip locks on Bo. These three might be okay together, and it could be made to serve the story.

I’m less sure about combinations like Bo, Lauren, and Tamsin, or even Bo, Lauren and Evony. Those groupings could get messy. The emotional ramifications might be a problem. The main drawback is how it might work for Lauren. A huge question for sexual combinations like these is how would it serve the the story and bring us closer to getting some of the answers we’re looking for in season 5.

I’m not against the idea of more group sex. It’s in keeping with who Bo is. In terms of what it might do to the story, I think putting Bo in situations where there is group sex should involve random characters in for just an episode or two. Leave the love, commitment, and emotion for Lauren and Dyson, bring on outsiders just for sex.

With Hale gone, I think there may be a new male regular added to the cast. If this happens, it could change everything.

Does it serve the story?

All that opinion about polyamory being spoken, do we really need further proof that this is what Bo is, what she needs? Don’t we already know? Does further evidence serve the story? We still have lingering questions from season 4 about Kenzi, about Bo’s father, about Bo as a the potential queen of the Fae. To me, the main question regarding Bo’s sex life is will it be Lauren, Dyson, or both?

What’s your opinion on polyamory in Lost Girl?

11 thoughts on “Polyamory and Lost Girl”

  1. I think you’ve misinterpreted Dyson’s comment to Lauren when he told her if he was Bo he’d have a hard time choosing between them. It was just meant as a compliment to Lauren. I didn’t read any interest on Dyson’s part in Lauren at all.

      1. Welp you got the definition wrong for one. Polyamory is not just intimate. If that were the case, a whole lot more people would be using the term and a whole lot are using it wrongfully. Its a relationship between more than 1 partner. Not sex between more than one partner.

  2. Katrina L. Halliwell

    I think you’ve completely missed the mark on polyamory. If Bo is in a relationship with both Lauren and Dyson at the same time and it’s consenting among the three of them, that’s polyamory.

    You’ve pointed out exactly why Bo, Lauren and Dyson should be in a polyamorous relationship, i.e. Bo is with Lauren AND she is with Dyson because they fulfill different needs for her and bring different things to the table. That’s actually all there is to it to make it polyamorous, aside from consent and honesty.

    Sure we’d like to see a threesome, but that rarely happens in a poly relationship. 😉

  3. The Fae world as written excludes sexuality restraints and conventions. This prompts all of us to rethink our own perceptions about sexuality as it pertains to relationships. This is one thing that makes Lost Girl so brilliantly conceived IMO.

  4. If you guys keep on watching it till its latest episode(S5×So 7) the feeling of Bo was finally revealed when the seduction came to Bo, (its the seduction of the person you desire the most, and probably you’ll gonna have making love, just so you know the word seduction) anyhow, in Bo’s being seduced, she first saw dyson, she then tell him that he still love him, ‘ BUT IN A DIFFERENT WAY NOW’ then the next person that came in the seducing process is DR.LAUREN, and on this scene, it was revealed that ‘BO’s HEART REALLY BELONGS TO DR.LAUREN’ and for the team VALKUBUS, on the last scene of this episode, it was also revealed that Bo never had a feeling for tamsin, not more than being friends with her.

    So well, all I can say is.. Sorry team dyson and team tamsin(valkubus).. As they make love on this scene, Bo want to lie in bed with Lauren forever.. And a great point for the doctor.. Sorry guys but.. DOCCUBUS already won! Hahaha XD just sayin’..

    Ok, so I just have a question..

    If Lauren turn herself as a Fae, let’s say a strong fae that would be enough to the hunger of Bo..
    Do you guys think that Lauren will be enough for Bo ? I mean, she wouldn’t need other people, to fulfill her hunger.. Because Bo always sleep with other people just because she need the chi. But everytime she sleep with Lauren, it was obviously because she’s really inlove with Lauren ..

    I’m just really curious on how the Lost girl would end…

    1. Thanks for commenting. I’m really curious how it will end, too. Do you think Bo would be able to be monogamous if Lauren was strong enough to fill her needs? That would be an interesting change in Bo.

      1. I would say Bo could be monogamous if lauren was strong enough. Season 2 shows that when Lauren couldnot help Bo heal her internal bruis, she reluctantly accepts Dyson’s offer. Saying that she is monogamous. I mean Dyson was her ex- lover and if anyone beside lauren she could love, that’s Dyson. If Bo could decline him, Bo could held to her promise.

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