Poms, oh, just have some fun

Pam Grier, Diane Keaton, Rhea Perlman, and Jacki Weaver in Poms

Poms tells about a group of elders in an active retirement community who are determined to live, live, live, until they die. They form a cheerleading squad and go to competitions against high school kids. Watch it on Netflix.

No way would I miss seeing the cast of Poms, mostly women my age, get up there and shake their booties, move in sync, and have a great time doing it. (#EldersRock, right?) The main characters were Martha (Diane Keaton) and her new neighbor at the retirement community, Sheryl (Jacki Weaver). This was not a film about character development, but we did get to know Martha and Sheryl fairly well. The most important fact was that Martha had cancer.

The elder cheerleaders in Poms

The other cheerleaders were familiar faces: Rhea Perlman, Phyllis Somerville, Pam Grier, Patricia French, Ginny MacColl, and Carol Sutton.

Diane Keaton, Jacki Weaver, and Alisha Boe in Poms

Martha and Sheryl managed to recruit a local high school cheerleader as a coach for the team. Chloe (Alisha Boe) was a big help. Sheryl’s grandson Ben (Charlie Tahan), who lived in the 55+ community secretly with his grandmother was their DJ.

They had some trouble with the retirement community mean girl Vicki (Celia Weston) and her minion Chief Carl (Bruce McGill), but they found ways to get around the limits other people wanted to put on them.

Pam Grier, Diane Keaton, Patricia French, Rhea Perlman, Phyllis Somerville, Carol Sutton, Jacki Weaver, and Ginny MacColl in Poms

This comedic celebration of life was directed by Zara Hayes. It was the same underdog plot as dozens of movies, but it was still fun to watch. I’ve seen these actors do everything over the years – drama, comedy, action, romance. They’ve all been there, done that. They looked like they were having such a good time making Poms, it was irresistible.

Poster for Poms

The trailer tells you almost everything you need to know.

What do you think? Are you going to have a little fun with the old gals from the retirement community?

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