Review: Close

Noomi Rapace and Sophie Nélisse in Close

I was looking forward to seeing Close. It was directed by Vicky Jewson and based on the life of a real woman. I was expecting a great action film.

Close was not a great film. Despite the best efforts of the lead character Noomi Rapace, who played the bodyguard Sam, the film was a bit of a mess.

There were some promising moments. The film opened with a beautifully framed shot of Rapace that made me think I was in for a treat. The opening scenes about a military attack were well done. But when Sam was hired to protect Zoe (Sophie Nélisse) by accompanying her to her parents’ fortified compound in the Moroccan desert, things started to fall apart.

Sam was finished with her job of delivering Zoe and was set to leave in the morning. Then the compound was attacked with the help of someone on the inside and Sam and Zoe made a run for their lives together.

There were so many continuity errors, so many unlikely plot points, and such confusing character development that the film went downhill as it moved along.

It wasn’t a total loss. There were moments. The underwater fight scene was beautifully filmed. The settings in Morocco were well chosen. It was action packed, although the action sometimes felt unbelievable.

Indira Varma starred in the film as Zoe’s stepmother. While Zoe was out running for her life with Sam, her stepmother was trying to close a business deal. Sheesh, stepmothers!

A film about a female bodyguard sounds promising. But this one felt carelessly thrown together.

Did you watch Close? What did you think of it?

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