Review: Deadwind (Karppi), season 2

Pihla Viitala and Lauri Tilkanen in Deadwind

Deadwind (Karppi) brings Finnish noir back to Netflix with a second season of this popular police series about Sofia Karppi and her exploits inside and outside the police department.

Deadwind (Karppi) stars Pihla Viitala as Sofia Karppi and Lauri Tilkanen as Sakari Nurmi. These two homicide detectives worked together in season 1. There was some doubt at the end of season 1 if Nurmi would be back. He’s back! There was a very brief comment about his health, but he’s recovered.

The originating murder leads to a political party pushing for a train tunnel under the ocean from Helsinki, Finland to Tallinn, Estonia. That group is lead by the mayor of Helsinki, Sara Tulisuo (Leena Pöysti). As the story progresses, there are more murders to figure out – some are connected to the tunnel idea, some to plain old drug trade, some to revenge, and some to the heat of the moment.

The elements about season 1 that made this a good series are still present. This includes tight writing that keeps several intersecting plotlines moving quickly, outstanding cinematography, and telling glimpses into the private lives of the two lead detectives.

Karppi’s stepdaughter Henna (Mimosa Willamo) has moved out, but she’s still an important part of the story. Karppi’s son Emil (Noa Tola) gets in all kinds of trouble at school for bullying. Karppi loves her kids, but she’s away from home so much. Homicide detectives make terrible parents– at least the ones on TV do. Parenting and the things parents do to protect their children is a strong thematic element running through most of season 2.

Late in the season, the detectives leave the country for Estonia, where they have no legal jurisdiction. This is similar to a stunt they pulled in season 1. This jaunt leads them into all kinds of danger. The climactic excitement builds as the 8 episodes of the season move along.

Spoiler alert, there’s a bad cop this season. I won’t tell you who it is, but I must brag that I spotted him in the first episode. Also spoiler alert, Karppi still hasn’t bought a hair brush.

The season ends with unanswered questions and unfinished plot lines. There are a few important threads to pick up in season 3, which is promised.

Rike Jokela co-wrote the series and directed every episode.

Poster for Deadwind

We also have a poster with the title Deadwind. Both of these would look great on Pinterest.

Poster for Deadwind

Deadwind (Karppi) is mostly Finnish. There’s a bit of English and German. There’s actually a season 2 trailer with English subtitles. Hurrah!

Are you a fan of this noir series? What did you think of the plot of season 2?

5 thoughts on “Review: Deadwind (Karppi), season 2”

  1. Gorfine Laurie

    I like the show and especially the lead characters. Why did they cast a girl to play Karppi’s son Emil?

      1. Pietari Sorvari

        The internet knows nothing. Long hair doesn’t mean someone is a girl and Noa is a male name.

  2. Emil definitely looks like a GIRL. It’s just a typical way the politically correct love to make boys more feminine and girls more masculine. It’s the unspoken “uni-sex” agenda that they push now a days in the film industry and main stream.

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