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Tiya Sircar in Good Sam

Good Sam is a Netflix original movie about a news reporter who chases after a story about an anonymous good Samaritan who leaves large sums of cash on the doorsteps on New Yorkers.

Good Sam didn’t feature any actor I’ve heard of, but it stars a woman of color and features a woman director. Two pluses there. I gave it a try and found it uplifting and enjoyable. The acting and directing were very good, as well.

Tiya Sircar plays TV reporter Kate Bradley. She normally covers the type of stories that involve car crashes and fires. At once such scene, she meets a handsome fireman named Eric Hayes (Chad Connell). She makes some sparks with the fireman. He adds a dash of romance to what might otherwise be a straight mystery about an ambitious reporter.

Tiya Sircar in Good Sam

One day Kate’s sent to cover a story that isn’t her usual beat. Someone left $100,000 on a woman’s doorstep. The woman is convinced it’s a miracle. Then other people in the city report finding bags of money on their doorsteps.

Each bag contains $100,000. On the outside of the bag is a sideways number 8. The story grows and Kate searches for the donor, dubbed Good Sam. The city becomes enamored with this person who gives away money and the story becomes the biggest in Kate’s career.

A number of people come forward claiming to be Good Sam. The most convincing is a friend of Kate’s father. He is Jack Hansen (Marco Grazzini). Kate interviews him. She must struggle to keep it professional, because he wants to date her. He has evidence to show he really is Good Sam. Her coverage of him makes him famous.

Good Sam brings out the best in people. Good things begin to happen all over the city. But, of course, things are not always what they seem. Kate, ace reporter that she is, eventually uncovers the truth.

Other significant parts in the drama were played by Jesse Camacho, Mark Camacho, Elana Dunkelman, and Kelly Hope Taylor. Good Sam was written by Teena Booth and Dete Meserve based on the novel by Dete Meserve. Kate Melville directed.

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