Review: I See You

Helen Hunt in I See You

I See You stars Helen Hunt. That’s why I watched it. It’s billed as a horror movie, but it isn’t that. The music is the screaming, hair-raising type of score used in horror movies, but the plot of I See You is strictly suspense and crime with a bit of creepy thrown in.

Jackie (Helen Hunt) and Greg Harper (Jon Tenney) are in the midst of some marital problems. Their son Connor (Judah Lewis) is upset and angry about it.

Jon Tenney and Gregory Alan Williams in I See You

While that drama is playing out at home, a 10 year old boy is reported missing. Only his bike is found in the woods. Greg Harper and Spitzky (Gregory Alan Williams) are the cops who get the case. It resembles some cases from several years ago.

Strange things happen at the house. All the silverware goes missing. The TV switches on by itself. Cups vanish.

The kidnapping case and the strange events in the house occupy a long first act. The second act repeats the oddness from the first act, but we see how it happened.

Libe Barer and Owen Teague in I See You

Mindy (Libe Barer) and Alec (Owen Teague) are seemingly random characters who drive act two. But wait for the twists and surprises, because they’re coming.

A very short third act reveals the kidnapper, people are killed, and the truth comes out. The surprises and twists are unexpected and full of poetic justice.

I didn’t think I See You was a great movie. Average at best. The music was distracting. Helen Hunt’s appearance was distracting. Suspense built in the first act was turned on its head by the madness of the second act. The third act, while completely unbelievable, was the best part of the movie.

The film is available on Prime Video and can be rented from YouTube and some other streamers.

Poster for I See You

To be honest, when I was reading online reviews, there were a lot of very good ones. There were also a lot of very bad ones. Maybe the trailer will help you decide if you want to give this one a try.

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  1. I started to watch this film twice, because I agree with you, Helen Hunt is in it. Could only get in to it about 10-15 minutes. Your review has me intrigued about the third and last part of it. But only if there is nothing else on at the moment.

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