Review: Dangerous Lies

Camila Mendes in Dangerous Lies

Dangerous Lies kept popping up at the top of my list of things Netflix thought I’d like. It had several female lead characters so I watched it.

Dangerous Lies turned out to be mediocre and disappointing. Even a promising roster of women actors couldn’t make this mishmash of a film good.

The very broke Katie (Camila Mendes) gets a job taking care of Leonard (Elliott Gould). Leonard is a nice old guy, living all alone in a huge house. Katie is a good caretaker, conscientious and careful.

Camila Mendes and Jessie T. Usher in Dangerous Lies

Katie is married to Adam (Jessie T. Usher). He’s jobless. After working for Leonard for about 4 months, Katie gets Adam a job as a gardener for Leonard. Two weeks later Leonard is dead.

Sasha Alexander in Dangerous Lies

Det. Chesler (Sasha Alexander) is the cop who investigates. At first, nothing seems out of the ordinary about the death. But odd things start happening to Katie and Adam.

A realtor, Ray Gaskin (Sean Owen Roberts), is very aggressive about wanting to buy the house. A lawyer, Julia (Jamie Chung), appears with a will that leaves all of Leonard’s estate to Katie. And maybe there was a murder. Or two.

I didn’t like the racial overtones in pointing fingers at who might be guilty among the cast. I didn’t like the twists and turns in the plot that were improbable and unbelievable. I thought the relationship between Katie and Adam was off – he couldn’t be both wonderful and terrible.

Something huge would happen and Katie would just stand there. Why not call the police or an ambulance? What the heck? Unbelievable. You want a good mystery about an old man and his caretaker? Watch Knives Out.

Here’s a nice poster for the Camila Mendes fans to pin to Pinterest.

the poster for Dangerous Lies

Take a look at the trailer.

Have you seen Dangerous Lies? Did you agree with me, or do you think it’s a terrific movie?

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