Review: No Ordinary Love

DeAna Davis, Lynn Andrews III, April Hartman, and Eric Hanson in No Ordinary Love

No Ordinary Love is a powerful independent film about two abusive marriages. This realistic look at spousal abuse is available on Prime Video for a rental fee. The film was written and directed by Chyna Robinson.

No Ordinary Love examines two very different marriages. Using little known actors and a minimal budget, the film is well done and well acted. It’s realistic and relatable to anyone who knows what it’s like to live with an abuser.

DeAna Davis and Lynn Andrews III in No Ordinary Love
In happier times

Tanya (DeAna Davis) and Derrick (Lynn Andrews III) are one couple. He’s a cop. They have a young daughter, Faith, played by Nya Cummings, who also gives a good performance. Derrick moves from the perfect guy early in their marriage to being physically violent later. He gets worse and worse until Tanya finally fears for her life.

The second couple was Elizabeth (April Hartman) and Michael (Eric Hanson). He was a minister. He didn’t hit. He was emotionally abusive. He demanded absolute control and based all his demands on scripture.

Elizabeth was a counselor at the church and became acquainted with Tanya through her work as a counselor. Their problems were so alike and yet so different.

The two women became more and more unhappy with their marriages and made plans to escape them. Of course, as the film states, the time when the wife decides to leave is the most dangerous time of all.

The ending was tragic, but not in the way I expected. It was a surprise.

Obviously, this is not an easy film to watch. It’s emotionally demanding and may be difficult for someone who has personally experienced situations like the two women faced. But it’s an important topic and one you don’t see many films about.

I was impressed with Chyna Robinson’s talent as the writer and director. If my small rental fee on Prime Video helps keep her in the movie making business, then I’m glad to have spent it. The film is available from several streamers, which you can find at

Poster for No Ordinary Love

Take a look at the preview.

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