Review: One Last Thing

Wendell Pierce in One Last Thing

One Last Thing is a sweet story about finding love and family when hope is almost gone. It stars Wendell Pierce as a lonely dentist who lives in Florida and plays golf alone every morning.

Dylan (Pierce) hears from a detective that he’s finally found her. Her turns out to be a daughter Dylan wasn’t even sure he had.

Joanne Froggatt in One Last Thing

Dylan talks over the news with his dental assistant, Jaime (Joanne Froggatt). We can see right away that Dylan doesn’t need to be such a lonely guy because Jaime is in love with him. But Dylan doesn’t get it. He likes her and relies on her, but he thinks it’s a professional relationship. He’s her boss.

Wendell Pierce in One Last Thing

He decides to go to Brooklyn to meet his daughter. He follows her around for a couple of days trying to get to know her. He sees her buy coffee, fend off men, kiss a woman in a bookstore, take photographs, and visit a medical clinic. Finally, he introduces himself.

Wendell Pierce and Jurnee Smollett-Bell in One Last Thing

Lucy (Jurnee Smollett-Bell) is suspicious and unwelcoming. It takes a while for them to bond, but Dylan keeps going back to Brooklyn.

The remainder of the story deals with the reason Lucy was going to a medical clinic. There are ups and downs in the father/daughter relationship and a few surprises to create tension.

Overall, however, I think you can guess One Last Thing is the kind of story that will have a happy ending. Sometimes life does have a happy ending. In this age of division and public conflict about absolutely everything, it’s nice to see a sweetheart of a guy played by Wendell Pierce reach a place of personal happiness.

You’ll find this heartwarming story on Netflix, Prime Video, and several other streamers.

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