Review: The Comedy Lineup

several comics from The Comedy Lineup

Netflix has all sorts of stand up comedy. The Comedy Lineup is different because it’s short and sweet. It’s a showcase for up and coming stand up comics. There are a lot of them!

Most comedy shows are an hour of one person. The Comedy Lineup is segments of about 15 minutes. If you don’t like the current comic, another one is on the way in just a couple of minutes.

Some of the comics involved are Aisling Bea, Michelle Buteau, J.R. De Guzman, Tim Dillon, Sabrina Jalees, Janelle James, Sam Jay and more. There are currently two sets of shows, each with 8 different comics.

stand up comic Sabrina Jalees
Sabrina Jalees

All the acts were filmed at the same club in Atlanta. There’s an equal distribution of men and women, not everyone’s white, not everyone’s straight. But I thought everyone was funny. And that’s what you need, right? Someone to point out the ridiculous nature of life right now.

These folks cover everything from open ethnicity auditions to Trump’s twitter tantrums to Instagram. Really, just about anything is fair game for these folks and their devilishly pointed barbs.

The nicest thing about the short episodes, besides the fact that your least favorites don’t last long, is that you can sneak in an episode when you don’t have much time but would like something to make you smile.

If you’re a comedy fan, I’d love to hear your thoughts on this short format. Did you have a favorite comic?

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