Review: The Good Karma Hospital, season 3

The hospital building in The Good Karma Hospital

The Good Karma Hospital, set in India, comes to AcornTV by way of the UK. In season 3 the group of doctors and nurses who work at the hospital are joined by a few new castmates who shake things up at bit. There are some minor spoilers ahead.

Don’t be alarmed about the shake-ups I mentioned. The Good Karma Hospital offers nothing but good karma from its group of dedicated doctors.

Amanda Redman in The Good Karma Hospital

Dr. Lydia Fonseca (Amanda Redman) still runs the place with practical determination and seemingly endless medical expertise. She speaks several languages, including sign language. She lives with Greg (Neil Morrissey), who runs the bar on the beach where the after hours action often takes place.

Scarlett Alice Johnson in The Good Karma Hospital

This season, Greg’s adult daughter Tommy (Scarlett Alice Johnson) shows up unexpectedly. While Greg is glad to see her, she’s hiding some secrets from him that take a while to come out.

Dr. Ruby Walker (Amrita Acharia) has been off for 4 months, doctoring at her family’s verdant tea plantation where there’s plenty of green and not many patients. When her pregnant sister develops high blood pressure, she uses that excuse to take her into the Good Karma Hospital.

Ruby is quickly back in the swing of patient care. While she was gone, she finally figured out that she really did have a thing for Dr. Gabriel Varma (James Krishna Floyd). We’ve waited 2 seasons for them to be together and now they finally are!

The Miracle Train

Because love stories are never straightforward, The Miracle Train comes into town. On it is a plastic surgeon who will fix all manner of problems before the train leaves in a few days.

James Krishna Floyd and Priyanka Bose in The Good Karma Hospital

The plastic surgeon on the train is Dr. Aisha Barr (Priyanka Bose). Not only is she the doctor who trained Gabriel, they were once lovers. She’s making goo-goo eyes at him the minute the train stops.

Oops, love triangle. Made worse because Lydia convinces the beautiful, goo-goo eyed Aisha to stay behind when the train leaves to help a woman splashed with acid.

The nurse Mari Rodriguez (Nimmi Harasgama) takes a particular interest in the woman burned by acid, Jyoti (Sayani Gupta). It felt like an affection beyond mere nursing or friendship, but nothing happened so I probably was projecting my own romantic expectations onto them.

Nimmi Harasgama and Kenneth Cranham in The Good Karma Hospital

The final regular new character is Teddy (Kenneth Cranham). He’s come to India looking for his first love from when he was 17. His search is complicated by health problems, but the staff all take an interest in his love story and help him search.

This series is filled with warmth, kindness, love, and the best of human behavior. It’s almost medicinal and healing to watch it. The color, the crush of people, the music – you can almost smell India watching this series.

Season 3 has 6 episodes. It ends with a cliffhanger that I certainly hope means there will be a season 4.

The Good Karma Hospital is available on Acorn TV or Amazon Prime with the Acorn add on. Earlier seasons are also available on YouTube and other streamers.

If you’re a Pinterest user, it would be lovely karma if you’d pin this poster.

Poster for The Good Karma Hospital

I couldn’t find a trailer specifically for season 3. If you’re already a fan from previous seasons, feel free to create an imaginary one in your mind. It should include lots of kissing. Except for Mari. She didn’t kiss anyone, even though I wanted her to.

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  1. We love Good Karma Hospital and have been eagerly awaiting this new season. It’s a great show for grown-ups – complex adult characters, well-written story arcs, a slow, luxurious pace and gorgeous videography. Love it!

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