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The Revolutionary Vibe of Batwoman

Ruby Rose and Rachel Skarsten in Batwoman

Good heavens, people, Batwoman is doing revolutionary things in every episode. I’m talking about gay pride, about openly being a lesbian superhero.

Creator Caroline Dries and the writers of Batwoman are making it a key part of Kate Kane’s (Ruby Rose) life. She’s an LGBTQ activist in her life as Kate Kane, and a hero in her life as Batwoman.

For example, they showed Kate on dates with at least 2 different women. Show them in bed. And they have flashbacks of her past relationship with Sophie (Meagan Tandy). Here’s one clip with a flashback.

In the current time, Kate and Sophie are in a restaurant and touch hands in public. The manager wants them to leave – no lesbians wanted in his swanky place. Kate stands up to him, demanding equal treatment.

They really didn’t need to touch hands for observers to recognize Kate as lesbian. Her hair, her clothing, her attitude all announce who she is. No gaydar needed, it’s that obvious.

Ruby Rose and Nicole Kang in Batwoman

After Kate and Sophie leave the restaurant, Kate buys the building across the street. She hangs a pride flag in the window and announces to her step-sister Mary (Nicole Kang) that she’s going to make the place a gay bar.

The main character in an episodic television show is hanging up a gay pride flag and standing in front of it.

I know Black Lightning has a lesbian superhero in Anissa Pierce (Nafessa Williams). But Anissa isn’t the main character and she doesn’t get all the attention in the story in that series. Plus, she isn’t promoting gay rights in the same way Kate is.

Kate wants to be Batwoman and help her city. She wants to rehabilitate her crazy sister Beth/Alice (Rachel Skarsten) and turn her from a life of crime. But she wants to do it while living her life as Kate in a way that’s true to who she is. It takes courage on both sides.

It takes courage for The CW and the writers of Batwoman to make this an integral aspect of the series. Bravo, bravo, bravo to all involved.

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