Review: Twinsters

Anais and Samantha at the SXSW debut for the film.

Twinsters is a documentary about twin sisters. They were born in South Korea and given up for adoption. One grew up in the US and one in France. They knew nothing about each until a chance viewing of a YouTube video brought them together.

Spoilers ahead.

The Twinsters poster

Samantha Futerman is an American. She’s an actress. She’s appeared in numerous television shows and films since beginning her career in 2005. A YouTube video she was in was viewed in Europe by a friend of Anais Bordier, who noticed how alike she and Samantha looked. That video set off a chain of events documented in Twinsters.

Anais was in London learning fashion design. She made a Facebook friend request to Sam in the US, and Sam accepted. Everything happened from there.

The two talked on Skype. They met for the first time in London. Later Anais came to Los Angeles. Even later they went to South Korea together to a conference for adoptees from South Korea.

They met each other’s families. In Korea, they met their foster mothers. When the film was made (2015), their birth mother was not willing to be in contact with them, but they’re hoping to meet her, too.

Samantha Futerman wrote and directed the documentary. It’s an inspiring story that will make you very happy and make you cry joyful tears. It’s currently available on Netflix. If the news of the world is getting you down, this amazing story will lift your heart.

The Twinsters Kickstarter Campaign

The money to make the documentary came from a Kickstarter campaign. Samantha appeared at a BlogHer event earlier this year. There’s an interview with her there, as well as this introduction showing the video used in the Kickstarter campaign.

The Trailer

The official trailer is somewhat different from the Kickstarter video.

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