Review: Uncorked

Mamoudou Athie in Uncorked

Uncorked tells a family story about a son who wanted something different from what his father dreamed for him.

Mamoudou Athie and Courtney B. Vance in Uncorked

Uncorked is the story of Elijah (Mamoudou Athie). His dream was to become a master sommelier. But his grandfather and father (Courtney B. Vance) had established a barbecue business. Louis, his father, wanted Elijah to carry on the family business.

Louis and Elijah had quiet conflicts. Nobody yelled. Much of what they felt went unspoken. But the tension was there in Elijah to meet his father’s expectations.

Niecy Nash in Uncorked

Sylvia (Niecy Nash), Elijah’s mother, supported his dream of doing something different, even his unusual dream to be a master sommelier. She ran interference between father and son.

Sasha Compère and Mamoudou Athie in Uncorked

Elijah met Tanya (Sasha Compère). Their love story was a secondary plot line. Tanya supported Elijah’s dream, too. She was a sensible woman who took no nonsense from Elijah.

Elijah enrolled in sommelier school. He kept up his jobs at the barbecue restaurant and in a wine shop too. He worked hard. He was good at it. He and some of his classmates went to study in Paris.

There were always family problems and money problems. Whether or not Elijah could make it through school was a constant question.

Prentice Penny wrote and directed Uncorked. He skillfully and delicately explored the theme of parental expectations vs. personal dreams in this particular family. It was a beautifully drawn, well-told portrait. The film boasts excellent performances and contains lots of heart.

The Uncorked poster

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Have you watched Uncorked? What did you think of it?

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  1. absolutely loved it. Great casting and the acting was terrific and very believable. Would highly recommend.

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