Review: What Love Looks Like

Jack Menzies in What Love Looks Like

What Love Looks Like is a low budget indie from writer and director Alex Magaña. It weaves 5 stories about falling in love into a series of vignettes about love. It’s currently streaming on Prime Video.

What Love Looks Like used public places and bare bones sets to compensate for a lack of budget, but it worked well. A park was the setting that connected everyone.

I didn’t recognize the names of any of the actors, but they all did a good job. Easy and natural with obvious experience behind them, if not fame.

Everyone who fell in love in this movie was young, straight, and a bit insecure. Except for Ana Ming Bostwick-Singer as Bailey, everyone was white. Bailey fell for the super shy Theodore (Jack Menzies). He was impossibly shy, but very funny once he opened up.

There was a grieving widower, Sam (Nathan Kohnen). He still talked to his dead wife Willow (Gabriella Wisdom), even after Evie (Ashley Rose McKenna) started bringing him sandwiches at lunchtime in the park.

Kate Durocher in What Love Looks Like

Nicole (Kate Durocher) couldn’t get the attention of her boyfriend Owen (Josh Gilmer). He was addicted to his phone. Eventually her attention wandered elsewhere, too – to a rideshare driver named Jace (Trevor Sean).

 Taylor Alexa Frank in What Love Looks Like

Penelope (Taylor Alexa Frank) was in the US on a student visa. She met Finn (Kyle Meck) in the park the day before she was to head back to England.

The most interesting couple were Calvin (Connor Wilkins) and Summer (Jamie Sheinitz). First they met in person. She thought he was an asshole. He thought she was psycho. Later they both signed up for a dating app that matched them. They started talking without realizing who they were talking with. These two characters had more depth that the others. Both were a mess personally, both had friends to chat with, and both were more roundly developed.

What Love Looks Like was sweet and predictable, like any romantic comedy. Check it out if you’re in need of something lightweight to make you smile.

What Love Looks Like poster

Check out the trailer.

Are you a fan of romantic comedies? They’re making a comeback. What did you think of this one?

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