Review: Wild Rose

Jessie Buckley in Wild Rose

Wild Rose tells the story of a Glasgow woman who dreams of becoming a Nashville star. Jessie Buckley stars as Rose-Lynn in this music filled drama.

Wild Rose begins with Rose-Lynn getting out of jail after a year. She goes home to her mother, Marion (Julie Walters), and her two kids.

A year in jail has done nothing to dampen Rose-Lynn’s aspirations of becoming an American country music star. She’s been singing at a Glasgow club calling itself the Grand Old Opry since she was 14 and has a following there. When she returns there is celebrating.

Marion wants her to get a job and take care of her own kids. Rose-Lynn does. She tries. She gets a job as a cleaning woman at the home of Susannah (Sophie Okonedo).

Susannah hears her sing. She’s impressed. Rose-Lynn tells her of her dreams of going to Nashville. She neglects to mention her two children or her stint in jail.

Susannah wants to help her. Her mother wants her to grow up and be serious. Rose-Lynn is convinced that if she could just get to Nashville, she’d be a star.

These intersecting story elements lead Rose-Lynn to make some bad decisions and some good ones. Things don’t proceed as you expect them to do.

The film was written by Nicole Taylor. Taylor does well with the conflict building, but seems to leave out a few steps in getting from there to the happy ending. Oops, did I give away the fact of a happy ending? Yes, but you don’t know what it is, do you? Honestly, how could a movie about an aspiring country music star have any other ending?

Jessie Buckley has a terrific voice. The music in the film is pure enjoyment. Julie Walters, who has done her share of singing elsewhere, only brings the drama here.

Poster for Wild Rose

Have a look at the trailer.

You can see Wild Rose on Hulu or Amazon Prime.

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