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  • Review: Lost Girls

    Review: Lost Girls

    Lost Girls tells the story of a mom searching for her missing daughter. From director Liz Garbus, the film is inspired by true events detailed in Robert Kolker’s “Lost Girls: An Unsolved American Mystery.”

  • Watch This: Unsane and Hereditary will Give you a Good Scare

    Watch This: Unsane and Hereditary will Give you a Good Scare

    It’s two for the price of one today, with a theme to set your blood pumping. Feeling the need for a good vicarious scare? Need to be horrified? Two upcoming films will help you with that. They are Unsane and Hereditary. Claire Foy and Toni Collette head the two films, which should be enough recommendation […]

  • Review: Carrie Pilby

    Review: Carrie Pilby

    Carrie Pilby is about a 19 year old woman living alone in NYC. She graduated from Harvard at the age of 18 and she’s struggling to figure out what to do with her life.

  • Watch This: Trailer for The 33

    Watch This: Trailer for The 33

    The 33 is not the kind of story I usually talk about. It isn’t about a woman or women. It’s about men. 33 men. It’s based on the 2010 Chilean mine disaster in which 33 men were trapped underground for 69 days. I read Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Hector Tobar’s book Deep Down Dark on which […]

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