Ida Engvoll

Marie Richardson in Food and Romance

Food and Romance (Tisdagsklubben), love in Sweden

Food and Romance (Tisdagsklubben), from Sweden, provides a charming #EldersRock story about love, marriage, children, and food. The Swedish title translates to The Tuesday Club, and in some locales the film uses that title.

Ida Engvoll in Love & Anarchy

Love and Anarchy, S2, still funny and darker than ever

Season 2 of Love and Anarchy (Kärlek & Anarki) from Sweden is technically a comedy, but it’s dark and full of pain. The main character, Sofie (Ida Engvoll), goes through a deep and dark time.

Ida Engvoll in Love & Anarchy

Review: Love and Anarchy (Kärlek & Anarki)

Love and Anarchy (Kärlek & Anarki) brings Swedish dramedy to Netflix with a woman led and woman directed series. Sofie (Ida Engvoll) goes to work in a failing publishing house with the task of moving them into the digital world and bringing them back to profitability.

Ida Engvoll in Rebecka Martinsson

Review: Rebecka Martinsson – Updated with Series 2 News

Rebecka Martinsson is an 8 part Swedish mystery series about a Stockholm lawyer. It’s based on 4 novels by Åsa Larsson. Many of the characters follow from mystery to mystery.

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