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  • Review: Soundtrack

    Review: Soundtrack

    Soundtrack is a Netflix original series. It’s hard to label because it’s unusual, but I’ll call it a musical drama. I can’t give it a blanket recommendation. Its unusual nature makes it the kind of series people are either going to love or hate. Give it a try and decide for yourself if 10 episodes […]

  • Review: Been So Long

    Review: Been So Long

    Been So Long is a musical love story. It’s unusual, full of unique touches. At its core, it’s a simple story about opening up your heart and giving love a chance.

  • Review: La La Land

    Review: La La Land

    La La Land opens with a reference to Cinemascope and closes with a reference to Panavision. Everything in between is a love story to the musicals of the past filmed in Cinemascope and Panavision.

  • Watch This: Two Trailers for La La Land

    Watch This: Two Trailers for La La Land

    La La Land premiers at the end of the month at the Venice Film Festival, so buzz about it will surely start then, but the film won’t be in theaters until December 16: your holiday musical. Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone head up this film about an aspiring jazz musician and an aspiring actress.

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