The Family Plan review: comedy / action combo punch

Mark Wahlberg and Michelle Monaghan in the Family Plan

The Family Plan is silly and far-fetched with action, perfect zingers of one-liners, and goofy fun. With Mark Wahlberg as the father, Dan, and Michelle Monaghan as his wife Jesse, this seemingly ordinary suburban family in Buffalo turns out to be hiding a big secret. With Mark Wahlberg as the hero, you know the secret has to be something action oriented, and his is a doozie.

The Family Plan tempted me to watch because of Michelle Monaghan, but it turns out Maggie Q was also in the cast. A lovely bonus action star.

Mark Wahlberg, Michelle Monaghan, Iliana Norris, Vienna Norris, Zoe Colletti, and Van Crosby in The Family Plan
The family

The family included Dan, Jesse, teens Kyle (Van Crosby) and Nina (Zoe Colletti), and tiny Max played by Iliana and Vienna Norris. The baby was cheerful and happy, ready to giggle and clap as needed, and a real scene stealer.

Dan was anti technology. He never let anyone in the family post on social media. He never wanted to go anywhere. When a stranger at an amusement park took his photo and posted it on social media, his years as a mild mannered used car salesman were over.

Yep, his cover was blown. Dan was a former assassin and his former associates wanted him dead. They found him using facial recognition.

Littia Hatcher, Zoe Colletti, and Van Crosby in The Family Plan
Road trip fun

Dan tells the family they are going on a road trip to Vegas. Actually, he knows a guy there who can get them all new passports under new names. He doesn’t tell anyone why they suddenly leave everything behind and head for Vegas. He makes it seem like fun.

For a while he manages to hide the fact that they are tracked and targeted by goons who want to kill them. One of them is everybody’s favorite bad guy Ciarán Hinds.

Eventually the truth comes out. Eventually there are fights and weapons like guns, knives, and dirty diapers. Action moves and video game skills for the win! Family bonding and love prevail.

This movie is a good example of its genre. Funny, exciting, and entertaining. Nothing heavy or serious. It’s streaming on Apple TV+.

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