The Mystery of Her, a pleasant surprise

Andrea Figliomeni in The Mystery of Her

The Mystery of Her is a film I never heard of with stars I’d never seen before. I took a chance based on the quality of the trailer. It turned out to be well acted and surprisingly good. It’s another version of the memory loss story.

The Mystery of Her begins after a car accident wiped out Ali’s (Andrea Figliomeni) memory. She doesn’t remember any of the people in her life, but most importantly, she doesn’t remember her essential self.

She doesn’t remember the girl who loved soccer and wanted to go to college, or the girl who had a boyfriend named Ethan (Michael Pavone). She doesn’t remember her best friends Heather (Tyler Aser) and Lexi (Emma Jessop). She doesn’t remember her mom (Nicolette Hart).

Winter Andrews and Andrea Figliomeni in The Mystery of Her

She connects with a school outcast, Cameron (Winter Andrews). He helps her find her way to decode secrets from her past and to live life fully as the new version of herself that she is now.

The acting was very good. Andrea Figliomeni doesn’t look 17, but it was not a serious problem. It was filmed in New York state in the fall when the trees were gorgeous. Take a look at the trailer that convinced me to give the film a try.

As Ali looked into her past trying to understand who she was, she realized that the girl she presented to the world back then had not been happy. Based on several incidents in the film, I began to think that the secret she hadn’t even admitted to herself was that she was a lesbian. This wasn’t developed in any overt way, so it could have just been my interpretation. I’d like to know if others felt that about her, though.

The film is on Prime Video and some other streamers as well. For a small production filmed during the height of the pandemic, it is surprisingly good and a pleasant watch. It brought its own twist on the memory loss story, and it worked well here.

Andrea Figliomeni doesn’t have a huge list of credits in her filmography yet, but I think she’s someone to watch. Nicholas DiBella directed.

2 thoughts on “The Mystery of Her, a pleasant surprise”

  1. Alicia Julia Bianchi

    Lovely film. I’ve seen it, then I red you review but I couldn’t find it again in the streaming. Today, looking for another film, it appeared in Netflix so I could enjoy it.
    And no, I never think she was a lesbian.

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