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Three Holiday Movies get a quick review

John Schneider and Reba McEntire in Christmas in Tune

Are you watching holiday movies now? They are hard to avoid. I found two new ones from 2021 and an older one of several holiday films starring Ali Liebert. Ali Liebert has an interesting history with holiday films. Check out A Gift for Christmas, A Castle for Christmas, and Reba McEntire’s Christmas in Tune.

A Gift for Christmas

Peter Porte and Ali Liebert in A Gift for Christmas

With Ali Liebert and Peter Porte, A Gift for Christmas was called A Gift to Remember when it released in 2017. That’s because the plot deals with a man who has amnesia after a bookstore worker knocks him down while riding her bike.

The title was reworked in 2019 when Cherished Memories: A Gift to Remember 2 came out. Like the first, the second also stars Ali Liebert and Peter Porte and was written by Melissa Hill. Same characters in the same place, but a couple of years later. Which affirms the happy ending of the first film, since our couple is still together.

A Gift for Christmas is one of a number of holiday movies that Ali Liebert stars in. All of them are the typical heteronormative holiday themed romances we are familiar with at this time of year.

Ali Liebert is in a different kind of holiday movie in 2021. She plays a lesbian character in Every Time a Bell Rings. That one is on Hallmark Movies Now, which I don’t get and won’t be able to watch or review here.

A Castle for Christmas

Brooke Shields in A Castle for Christmas

A Castle for Christmas, directed by Mary Lambert, is set in Scotland in a castle. Famous writer Sophie (Brooke Shields) buys the castle on an impulse. Her grandfather worked on the grounds years ago. The Duke who owns the castle, Myles (Cary Elwes), is broke and isn’t selling because he wants to sell.

The two, of course, fall in love. There’s a nice supporting cast including Drew Barrymore playing herself hosting her talk show.

This film is on Netflix.

Reba McEntire’s Christmas in Tune

Reba McEntire and John Schneider in Christmas in Tune

Georgia (Reba McEntire) and Joe (John Schneider) are a couple of musicians who are married but haven’t lived together or performed together for 15 years. They’ve both gone solo and don’t see each other.

Their daughter Belle (Candice King) lands a big contract with the U.S. Army for a Christmas show. And the Army wants Georgia and Joe to perform together. They agree to do it for their daughter, but there’s plenty of fussing and feuding along the way.

You know they fall in love all over again. That’s not going to come as a surprise. This is a Lifetime TV movie.

I know you probably have favorite holiday films you watch every year. If you add any of these three of your watch list, I’d love to know what you thought.

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