Thrilled by my local library in #DirectedbyWomen month

Celebrate Female Directors Month sign

When I learned about the #DirectedbyWomen Worldwide Film Viewing Party throughout September 2018, I went to my local library branch and talked to them. They have a lot of DVDs to borrow. They didn’t have them in the database with a category for the gender of the director. But they were interested in celebrating women directors.

Celebrate female directors month sticker on a DVD of "Pet Sematary"

With the Directed by Women website, a list of resources @DirectedbyWomen helped me find, and a dedicated librarian, they managed to identify a month’s worth of DVDs in their possession by women directors.

Films with women directors for #DirectedbyWomen month

They organized a small spot in a heavy traffic area to promote the films. As one of the DVDs is removed from the shelf, a new one takes its place. The display will be up during all of September.

films with women directors for #DirectedbyWomen month

A big thank you to the Albuquerque and Bernalillo County Public Library and the librarians at my local branch who worked to put this before the patrons for the month.

Why not make it a goal to watch as many films directed by women as you can during the month of September? Join the party.

I know you can’t all visit my local library . . . so how about sharing the films you find and watch where you are. Include where you found them, so we can all watch.

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