Watch This: Trailer for Fun Mom Dinner

Toni Collette, Molly Shannon, Katie Aselton, and Bridget Everett in Fun Mom Dinner

Fun Mom Dinner is one more comedy with 4 women in the lead attempting to capture some of the magic of Bridesmaids. So far most attempts haven’t quite reached that pinnacle, but Fun Mom Dinner has Toni Collette.

Based on my vast experience as a consumer of pop culture, I can pinky swear that Toni Collette makes everything better.

Molly Shannon, Katie Aselton, and Bridget Everett make up the rest of the fun moms out for a night on their own in Fun Mom Dinner. Molly Shannon is no slouch in the comedy department, either.

Male cast members include husbands, pot dealers, and distractions in tight pants played by Adam Levine, Adam Scott, Paul Rudd and others. The cast of children is bigger than all these adults put together.

The four moms aren’t the best of friends, but they end up on a night out together. They don’t have much in common except their kids all go to the same school. Add some drinks, some pot, maybe some true conversation, and they are likely to be better friends by the end.

Women behind the scenes include director Alethea Jones and writer Julie Rudd.

Fun Mom Dinner will be in theaters and available on demand on August 4.

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