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  • Review: Pieces of Her, a fast-paced thriller

    Review: Pieces of Her, a fast-paced thriller

    Pieces of Her is a female-oriented thriller about family, survival, and what we do for love. It’s pulse-racing, engaging, mysterious, and ultimately satisfying. The 8 part series was created by Charlotte Stoudt based on a novel by Karin Slaughter. Every episode was directed by Minkie Spiro. There are a few spoilers ahead about the early […]

  • Review: Please Stand By. Or – Boldly Go.

    Review: Please Stand By. Or – Boldly Go.

    Please Stand By is a heartwarming story about an autistic girl who writes a Star Trek script. She takes remarkably brave steps in order to get it turned in on time. Dakota Fanning stars.

  • Review: Nightmare Alley – what a cast!

    Review: Nightmare Alley – what a cast!

    Nightmare Alley is like a gigantic, room-sized painting of a film noir. Big, beautiful, and flat. It’s gorgeous to look at, and the cast is all top drawer, but the film is too long and dry as dust. You can stream it on HBO Max.

  • Review: Dream Horse, a true tale

    Review: Dream Horse, a true tale

    Dream Horse is based on a true story about a race horse named Dream Alliance that was raised on a Welsh allotment by a syndicate of regular folks who knew nothing about race horses. It’s a feel good story of hope and triumph. You’ll find it on Hulu.

  • Review: Knives Out

    Review: Knives Out

    Knives Out paid homage to a beloved Agatha Christie style mystery genre with a full galaxy of stars and a well written story. It was funny. It was beautifully set in a creaky, remote, old mansion. It was definitely a winner.

  • Review: Unbelievable

    Review: Unbelievable

    Unbelievable begins with the rape of Marie (Kaitlyn Dever). Her case is mishandled by the police. Elsewhere, two cops played by Merritt Wever and Toni Collette chase a serial rapist until the trail leads them to Marie. This outstanding series is based on a real case.

  • Review: Hearts Beat Loud

    Review: Hearts Beat Loud

    Hearts Beat Loud appears to be a simple story about a father and daughter as she prepares to leave for college. It seems simple, but it’s actually emotionally intricate and complex. Like some of the music in this film, it’s complicated while seeming simple. It’s perfectly written and acted. It’s a wonderful movie. I give […]

  • Review: Wanderlust

    Review: Wanderlust

    Toni Collette and Steven Mackintosh play Joy and Alan, a married couple who agree to indulge their Wanderlust, meaning their quest to find new and exciting sexual partners.

  • Watch This: Unsane and Hereditary will Give you a Good Scare

    Watch This: Unsane and Hereditary will Give you a Good Scare

    It’s two for the price of one today, with a theme to set your blood pumping. Feeling the need for a good vicarious scare? Need to be horrified? Two upcoming films will help you with that. They are Unsane and Hereditary. Claire Foy and Toni Collette head the two films, which should be enough recommendation […]

  • Review: Fun Mom Dinner

    Review: Fun Mom Dinner

    Fun Mom Dinner was a female bonding experience. It’s a simple but fun story starring women and written and directed by women. If you need a bit of relief from the stresses of life, don’t get drunk or stoned. Watch Fun Mom Dinner.  They get stoned and drunk so you don’t have to.

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