Watch This: Trailer for In Search of Fellini

Ksenia Solo in In Search of Fellini

In Search of Fellini stars Ksenia Solo in a story about a shy small-town Ohio girl who loves movies but dislikes reality. She discovers the delightfully bizarre films of Federico Fellini and sets off on a strange, beautiful journey across Italy to find him.

The tweet says the film is in select theaters, but for wide distribution you’re going to have to watch for it on VOD.

I think for everyone who has watched Ksenia Solo in anything, particularly Lost Girl, this movie is a must see. She’s a brilliant performer and has been excellent in everything I’ve seen her do.

In addition to Ksenia Solo, In Search of Fellini also stars Maria Bello, Beth Riesgraf, Mary Lynn Rajskub, Enrico Oetiker, and Paolo Bernardini.

Nancy Cartwright and Peter Kjenaas share the writing credits, with direction by Taron Lexton. The “based on a true story” part of this film is taken from Nancy Cartwright’s journey through Italy as a young woman. Cartwright’s been known as the voice of Bart Simpson for almost 30 years.

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