Watch This: Trailer for Maya Angelou: And Still I Rise

Maya Angelou reciting her poem "On the Pulse of Morning" at President Bill Clinton's inauguration in 1993.

Maya Angelou: And Still I Rise is a PBS American Masters production. Watch your local listings for the premier in September.

Here’s the film’s description:

Distinctly referred to as “a redwood tree, with deep roots in American culture,” icon Maya Angelou gave people the freedom to think about their history in a way they never had before.

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Dr. Angelou’s was a prolific life; as a singer, dancer, activist, poet, and writer she inspired generations with lyrical modern African-American thought that pushed boundaries.

This unprecedented film celebrates Dr. Maya Angelou by weaving her words with rare and intimate archival photographs and videos, which paint hidden moments of her exuberant life during some of America’s most defining moments. From her upbringing in the Depression-era South to her work with Malcolm X in Ghana to her inaugural speech for President Bill Clinton, the film takes us on an incredible journey through the life of a true American icon.

The film also features a remarkable series of interviews with friends and family including President Bill Clinton, Oprah Winfrey, Common, Alfre Woodard, Cicely Tyson, Quincy Jones, Secretary Hillary Clinton, John Singleton and Dr. Angelou’s son, Guy Johnson.

Angelou died in May, 2014. If for some reason you don’t know much about this incredible woman, Wikipedia has a decent article about her that will give you a good knowledge base. As you can see in the trailer, you’ll get acquainted with her in new ways in Maya Angelou: And Still I Rise.

The film will be shown in select theaters around the country, so keep an eye out in your locale if you’d like to see this one on the big screen.

Featured image: Maya Angelou reciting her poem “On the Pulse of Morning” at President Bill Clinton’s inauguration in 1993. Image courtesy William J. Clinton Presidential Library

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