Watch This: Trailer for Mon Roi (My King)

Still of Vincent Cassel and Emmanuelle Bercot in My King

Mon Roi, or My King in English, is a French film directed by Maïwenn, the 4th film from this director. Maïwenn also wrote the screenplay.

Vincent Cassel and Emmanuelle Bercot star as the couple in the film.

Tony (Bercot) suffers an injury in a skiing accident. The film deals with her time as she recovers from the injury. Mon Roi earned Emmanuelle Bercot the Cannes Film Festival Best Actress prize last year, an award she shared with Rooney Mara for Carol.

Here’s the film synopsis.

Tony is admitted to a rehabilitation center after a serious ski accident. Dependent on the medical staff and pain relievers, she takes time to look back on a turbulent relationship that she experienced with Georgio. Why did they love each other? Who is this man that she loved so deeply? How did she allow herself to submit to this suffocating and destructive passion? For Tony, a difficult process of healing is in front of her, physical work which may finally set her free.

The film explores the abusive relationship as flashbacks as Tony spends her recovery time dissecting her relationship with Georgie (Cassel). Although Tony knew the relationship was not a healthy one, she couldn’t quite bring herself to the point of breaking it off – a situation many women in toxic relationships will relate to. The one good thing about this approach is that we know that she finally did it – she finally broke free – because we’re looking at it through her memories.

Mon Roi will open with English subtitles in the US on July 25. It will probably not be in the big multiplexes, but in smaller venues that play foreign language films, so you may have to hunt for it.

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