Watch This: Trailer for Seeing Allred

Seeing Allred poster

Seeing Allred is a documentary about women’s rights attorney Gloria Allred. It details her lifelong struggle for women’s rights.

Allred takes on the biggest names in American culture as coverage of sexual assault allegations in the media become more prevalent. The documentary is directed by Roberta Grossman and Sophie Sartain. It will premier at Sundance and be available on Netflix on February 9.

The Seeing Allred  synopsis calls her “a lightning rod for controversy.” It says, “Gloria Allred has devoted 40 years to asserting and protecting the rights of women, overcoming personal trauma, media scrutiny, and powerful men.”

As she says, “There are rules. There are boundaries. Men have got to respect those boundaries.” She also pointed out that, “Power only understands power.” We are at a time (#TIMESUP) in history when women are learning to use power to create change. It’s taken a long time for the world to catch up with Gloria Allred. She never stopped fighting in the meantime.

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