Watch This: Trailer for Wind River

Jeremy Renner and Elizabeth Olsen in Wind River

Wind River has interesting vibes. It stars Jeremy Renner as a game tracker and Elizabeth Olsen as an FBI agent. They hunt a murderer on the Wind River reservation in Wyoming.

The film an interesting female lead and a director who has done right by female leads before, Taylor Sheridan, who directed Sicario. The plot involves a manhunt for the murderer of a Native American teenage girl. My fingers are crossed that the story isn’t one of those tropes about murdered women coupled with a passel of stereotypes about Native Americans. I’m optimistic that it will be handled right.

The only name I see in the cast who is a Native American actor is Graham Greene. Jon Bernthal also stars.

A review in Variety said, “Sheridan caught something debased and valiant, desperate and mournfully compelling in the sight of recognizable people caught up in the larger-than-life world of crime. In Wind River, he pushes that further, so that the scraggly human side of the drama is now far more potent and tangible than the underworld drive [as in Sicario].”

Wind River will be in theaters August 4, 2017.

WIND RIVER_clip from IMR International on Vimeo.

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