How We Watch TV (Infographic)

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This infographic suggests that we have a lot of channels but we watch very few. Take a look and then let’s talk about the channels you watch and how you fit into the statistics on the infographic.

How America Is Watching TV, an Infographic by Koeppel Direct

I pay for 120 channels. Here are the channels I watch.

  1. ABC Family
  2. FX
  3. Lifetime
  4. Syfy
  5. TNT
  6. TV Land
  7. USA
  8. ABC
  9. NBC
  10. CBS
  11. FOX
  12. PBS

Wow, only 12. If I had them in my package, I’d watch WGN (for the new show Manhattan) and BBC America (for Orphan Black) and Bravo (for Inside The Actor’s Studio). Of course, if I had them, I’d watch some things on HBO and Showtime.

It’s cheaper for me to buy Orphan Black on iTunes than it is to get a package that includes BBC America. The others, I’ll do without. I also have Netflix.

It would be wonderful if you could get only the channels you want. Wouldn’t that be the greatest?

How many channels do you actually watch out of what you pay for?

How much of your TV time is spent watching is live TV – commercials and all – vs. watching later and skipping the commercials? I’d say I watch about 30% of what I watch off my DVR, and I fast forward through the commercials.

I have one TV. How about you?

Do you watch things on your computer or tablet? I do. Frequently. I find I can see it better when it’s close up and on a high resolution screen. The old eyes ain’t what they used to be.

How do your habits match up with the statistics in the infographic?

TV with remote image via Flickr

3 thoughts on “How We Watch TV (Infographic)”

  1. I don’t watch much tv at all anymore (for entertainment). It is “on” from the time I wake up until I leave the house, but I’m not really paying attention. I fit into the mobile device category, and do my main watching of shows that I pick based on recommendations, on my iPad. I actually prefer using my iPad over the TV. It’s just more portable and intimate. Out of all our channels… I watch NBC, CBS, PBS, AMC, (I would have an easier time telling you channel numbers. haha) xo

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