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A post about 10 Female Filmmakers to Follow at Indiewire recently had many comments with additional names of women in film to follow in Twitter. One of the comments mentioned a Twitter list of women directors.

The Twitter List
The Twitter List

Since it’s really easy to make a daily newspaper from a Twitter list using a tool called paper.li, I looked to see if anyone had made this list with 451 women directors in it into a daily paper. I couldn’t find anything like that at paper.li, so I made a daily paper for this list.

You can find Women Directors Daily here.

What the paper does is aggregate tweets from the women on the list into a daily newspaper-like display. If you subscribe to the paper, you get a daily email when the paper has been published. Instead of following all 451 women, you can just read the paper each day and within a few minutes you get 24 hours worth of tweets and information from the women on the list.

Any public list from Twitter can be made into a daily paper at paper.li. It’s very easy. If you have Twitter lists of people in film, people in entertainment, producers, actors, or any other type of list it only takes seconds to make a paper for it.

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