Review: Younger

Nico Tortorella and Sutton foster from Younger

Younger begins with a premise: a 40 year old woman is not able to re-enter the job market no matter how skilled she is. But that same woman, if she pretends to be 26, can get a job. Even in a half hour comedy, that premise takes Younger into territory where ageism, sexism, discrimination in hiring, discrimination in dating and sex, and being who you are can be examined with humor and truth.

Spoilers ahead.

The season one finale aired last night. It was a great season! Full episodes are available on TVLand.

The main cast of Younger

Liza Miller, the woman pretending to be younger, is played by Sutton Foster. Nico Tortorella plays her 20-something boyfriend. Hillary Duff plays her office friend Kelsey. Miriam Shor is her boss, the villain in the cast. Debi Mazar is her roommate, who, incidentally, is a lesbian. Not shown in the photo above is Peter Hermann, who plays Charles, another of Liza’s bosses.

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Charles recognizes Liza’s talent where her immediate boss Diana does not. Charles also may be attracted to Liza. (Not sure how Liza feels about Charles.) Liza is in love with Josh, her hot new tattoo artist boyfriend and the source of the best sex she’s ever had. By the end of season 1, Josh has learned that Liza is really a 40 year old divorcee with a college age daughter. His reaction to that news is definitely interesting.

Liza and Maggie share an apartment

Maggie, the roommate, knows who Liza is. She knew her before, she knows Liza’s college age daughter and Liza’s ex husband. Now that they share an apartment, Maggie is the one person that Liza can talk honestly with about her life of deception and the compromises she has to make to live as a 26 year old. Therefore, Maggie gets a lot of the great lines.

The show was renewed for a second season. I completely enjoyed season one, and am ready for more of this funny and charming comedy.

All images via TVLand

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