Brain Dump: Wynonna Earp, Younger, The Fosters

A brain dump is a few short hits about what’s on the TV. Today the topics are the Wynonna Earp season finale, Younger and The Fosters. Continue reading “Brain Dump: Wynonna Earp, Younger, The Fosters”

3 Things About ‘Younger’ That Are Just Plain Sad

Younger from TVLand is a big hit with me. I enjoy it tremendously. It’s funny. The actors are outstanding at their roles. But the social criticism at the heart of  Younger makes me sad. Continue reading “3 Things About ‘Younger’ That Are Just Plain Sad”

Review: Younger

Younger begins with a premise: a 40 year old woman is not able to re-enter the job market no matter how skilled she is. But that same woman, if she pretends to be 26, can get a job. Even in a half hour comedy, that premise takes Younger into territory where ageism, sexism, discrimination in hiring, discrimination in dating and sex, and being who you are can be examined with humor and truth.

Spoilers ahead. Continue reading “Review: Younger”