7 Days, an early COVID lockdown story

Geraldine Viswanathan and Karan Soni in 7 Days

7 Days from the Duplass Brothers is about two people on a first date who get stuck together when the first COVID lockdown hits. It was funny and charming and often realistic feeling. It had all the quirkiness you associate with the Duplass brothers.

The premise of 7 Days sounds like a romcom setup. It isn’t a romcom although it’s comedy with a dose of potential romance. It’s about two people who accidentally get to know each other well as real people, not as dating profiles. They begin to care about each other and speak honestly.

Two traditional Indian mothers push their children Ravi (Karan Soni) and Rita (Geraldine Viswanathan) to use dating apps to find mates and get married.

Karan Soni in 7 Days
Karan Soni co-wrote the film with director Roshan Sethi.

Ravi was traditional like his mother. Vegetarian, no drinking, good job. And annoying in a multitude of ways. Karan Soni did a masterful job with this character.

Geraldine Viswanathan in 7 Days

Rita’s dating profile showed her to be as traditional as Ravi wanted. In reality she was a slob, she ate meat, she drank, and she was having an affair with a married man.

They met in an outdoor location for their date. They were masked. By the end of the date their phones were popping out messages about lockdowns. The trains weren’t running. A rental car wasn’t available. Ravi couldn’t get home.

Rita invited him to spend the night on her couch. Her house was an alarmingly filthy mess, but he didn’t have much choice.

The slow getting acquainted process they went through was charming and real. They actually saw each other – possibly something neither of them had experienced before. I thought the slow acceptance and genuine caring that developed between them was the strongest part of 7 Days. They were both lonely and flawed with disapproving mothers.

The unrealistic part was that Rita caught COVID, went to the hospital and was on oxygen and unconscious, then recovered and walked all the way home. All in about 4 days! Another unrealistic detail that bothered me was the magical appearance of food in Rita’s kitchen when she clearly never ate anything but take out.

The story about two mismatched characters who learn to see the value in each other was echoed by several documentary like bits from couples who had been married for years. They hadn’t known each other when they got married, but now they loved each other.

The film is available on Hulu.

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  1. The things that bothered you would bother me even more. I’ve done over 40 years of research about the relationship between respiratory disease and food. Covid-19 is a classic example of what can happen when you don’t understand the impact food has on your health. The movie got one thing right; the slob got Covid-19 and the vegetarian didn’t because his immune system was in good shape.

    Covid-19 does not travel as a virus. It travels as a virion. In that form, it has no corona and is extremely vulnerable. The coronas consist of what are called long chain fatty lipids. Fat actually. So the virions can’t travel while bogged down in a heavy envelope of fat.

    When it encounters a potential host, The virion acquires a coating of fat from the host.

    But if the potential host is not a person who eats a fatty diet, then that person’s long chain fatty lipids are so sparsely scattered that the immune system can easily kill the naked visions. The front line of your immune system is your saliva. Your antigens are carried to infection sites by your saliva. If your saliva is full of fat from eating bacon and eggs or dairy or any other fat source, then the virions will be protected and immune to your immune system.

    So for this girl to recover in four days isn’t even miraculous, it’s preposterous.

    Essentially, Covid-19 and its variants is a disease perfect for people who are clueless about what real food actually is. Fast food ain’t it. Instead, it’s the perfect invitation for infections of all sorts, not just Covid-19.

    I wrote a book about how to survive Covid-19. It’s called KILL THE CORONAVIRUS – its on Amazon if you care about the real way to deal with the Pandemic.

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