A Cowgirl’s Song: country music to the rescue

Savannah Lee May in A Cowgirl's Song

A Cowgirl’s Song uses country music as the backdrop for a story about family, success, and life’s hardships. Cheryl Ladd leads the cast of talented performers as they sing their way around Chickasha, Oklahoma.

A Cowgirl’s Song begins with sisters Hailey (Savannah Lee May) and Brooke (Darci Lynne Farmer) learning that their dad is in jail. Their mom can’t afford to take off from work to go help him.

Savannah Lee May and Darci Lynne Farmer in A Cowgirl's Song

Their dad is 40 miles away and they don’t have a car, but that doesn’t stop the sisters. Brooke walks with crutches, but she’s game to go. Hailey grabs her guitar, loads up a horse and wagon, and off they go.

Both the girls are good singers. They get their pipes from their grandmother. She’s a legendary country star, Erin Mays (Cheryl Ladd). She’s retired since the death of her husband 5 years ago. The girls eventually get to her place in their wagon and the three of them head for the jail.

Bail for their dad will be $50,000. An impossible sum.

Savannah Lee May in A Cowgirl's Song

A young guy named Rufus (Dodge Prince) overhears Hailey singing a song she wrote, the Cowgirl’s Song of the title. He gets her to sign him up as manager and puts her in front of an audience. She freezes up and runs off stage.

Musicians and people Hailey meets as she’s trying to get over her stage fright include Maddie (Maggie McClure) and Colin (Shane Henry). They inspire her.

Brooke meets a woman who still barrel races even though she’s in a wheelchair and paralyzed. This inspires Brooke.

Cheryl Ladd in A Cowgirl's Song
Did you know Cheryl Ladd is a good singer? Yep, she is. #EldersRock!.

The need for $50,000 inspires Erin to come out of retirement for one concert with Hailey to raise money to get her son out on bail.

Of course, that plot turn was easy to see coming, but there were some others that were a nice surprise. One of those plot turns involves Mr. Daniels (Bill Jenkins), a very nice man who has a crush on Erin.

The vibe of this film is country music, heartland America, family, and love. There’s drama, but you can depend of things working out in the end. It’s heartwarming and full of good country music. You’ll find it on Netflix or for rent on Prime Video.

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