Barbra Streisand Set to Direct Catherine the Great

Barbra Streisand

I’ve been angry about Barbra Streisand not getting a directing Oscar since 1984 when she was snubbed as the director of Yentl. Since then she directed The Prince of Tides, The Mirror Has Two Faces, and a couple of TV specials.

Barbra Streisand

Streisand will be getting another chance for that overdue recognition because she’s set to direct Catherine the Great.

The film will tell the story of a sensual Catherine trapped in an abusive marriage with the heir to the Russian throne. But, when her inept husband proves incapable of ruling, she utilizes her intelligence, fortitude, and passion to rise to power, becoming Catherine the Great.

The script will have a female writer, Kristina Lauren Anderson. A story about a fascinating and powerful woman written by a woman, and directed by a woman. Life does have its joyful moments, does it not?

Barbra Streisand’s previous directing efforts earned 14 Oscar nominations including seven for 1991’s The Prince Of Tides. Yentl was the first major studio film to be directed, written, produced and star a woman. It won her the directing Golden Globe, but she was freakin’ robbed of the Oscar by the misogyny of the Academy Awards patriarchy.

It will be months before we see how Catherine the Great turns out. The film hasn’t even begun casting yet. I’m not saying that an Oscar with Barbra Streisand’s name on it should be issued before the film is even done. But I hope things have changed enough in Hollywood for her to be given a fair chance as a director this time around.

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