The Book Thief Looks Good

The Book Thief

The Book Thief looks really good! It’s based on Markus Zusak’s best-selling novel from 2007 and is about a young girl in Nazi Germany. She seeks refuge in stolen books while her family hides a young Jewish man in the basement.

The film is directed by Brian Percival. It stars Geoffrey Rush, Emily Watson, Sophie Nélisse and Ben Schnetzer. The Book Thief comes out in November.

Thirteen year old Sophie Nélisse has already won acting awards for her two previous films, and I’m sure you are aware of the acting talent you can expect from Geoffrey Rush and Emily Watson.

This is the international trailer for the film.

Also check out the American version of the trailer.

You might also be interested in this interview by Amber Gochoel with actors Sophie Nelisse, Geoffrey Rush and director Brian Percival.

What do you think of the film? Do you plan to see it? Or, if you have seen it, what did you think of it?

1 thought on “The Book Thief Looks Good”

  1. “The Book Thief” is highly overrated. This historical drama is fatally flawed. The story is set in Germany shortly before and during World War Two. But almost all dialogue is in English!

    The actors speak English with a German accent. In addition, a few short German words are added here and there. The result is just ridiculous!

    When a story is set in Germany, the characters should speak German. For those who do not understand German there should be (optional) subtitles in English. This is the right way to make a historical drama becomes realistic.

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