Brain Dump: Thursday Nights on ABC

Ellen Pompeo, Piper Perabo and Viola Davis from ABC Thursday night lineup

I haven’t done a brain dump in a while. My definition of a brain dump is sharing a few thoughts about several things at once. This time it’s Thursday night on ABC with Grey’s Anatomy, Notorious and How to Get Away with Murder on my mind.

Grey’s Anatomy

After all these seasons, Grey’s Anatomy continues to be strong and interesting. What an accomplishment. This season I particularly like the growth in (Ellen Pompeo) following her loss of Derek (Patrick Dempsey). I like that she’s protecting her sisters, but don’t like that her sister Maggie (Kelly McCreary) is so immature about sex and love.

Arizona (Jessica Capshaw) is supposed to get a new love interest this season and I’m worried that it will be DeLuca (Giacomo Gianniotti) and not a woman.


A dedicated Piper Perabo fan like myself should be inclined to like Notorious, but I wasn’t convinced until a few episodes in that I did. When Julia George (Perabo) finally gained some understanding into her on air personality Louise (Kate Jennings Grant) I began to warm to her.

In last night’s episode “Tell Me a Secret” her reaction to Levi’s (Ramon De Ocampo) suicide finally convinced me that this series was worthy.

I thought the relationship between Perabo and Daniel Sunjata would be more interesting than it is. There aren’t enough hidden things between them – it’s too straight forward. But it’s early days with this show.

How to Get Away with Murder

I keep thinking I’ll stop watching this damn show. How to Get Away with Murder is told in such fragmented ways it’s hard to follow. But I can’t look away.

Annalise Keating (Viola Davis) is falling apart, disintegrating, before our eyes. It’s going to be stunning when she finally pulls herself back together.

In last night’s episode “Don’t Tell Annalise” she admits to being an alcoholic and breaks up with both her love interests: Billy (Nate Lahey) and Eve (Famke Janssen). She’s flat broke and her license to practice law has been revoked. The university wants to fire her. How can you look away from such a train wreck?

What are your feelings about these Thursdays on ABC shows this season?

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