Burn it All, the patriarchy, that is

Elizabeth Cotter in Burn it All

Burn it All tells the story of Alex. She returns home to bury her mother and finds a gang of body snatchers who harvest organs from fresh corpses. Alex is already disgusted with men who think they can do whatever they want. This is the final straw. She goes to war. The film will be available on VOD starting February 19.

Burn it All stars Elizabeth Cotter as Alex. She’s been misused and mistreated by men all her life. She’s almost ready to give up on life when she gets a phone call about her mother.

When she reaches home, she finds Travis (Ryan Postell), who beat her and raped her in high school. He’s now the sheriff. He tells her that her mother has already been cremated. Alex knows this can’t be right.

Elizabeth Cotter and Bradley Goodwill in Burn it All

She follows some men leaving the funeral home and finds a warehouse where a guy is preparing to slice her mom into sellable parts. She starts taking this syndicate apart, one man at a time. Using knives, guns, cans of acetone, steel rods and anything else that comes to hand, she takes them down.

The press release for the film says the film “walks the line between dramatic thriller and social commentary.” It’s very heavy handed with the social commentary. The thriller aspects of the plot have some holes and the acting is not brilliant. Still, I was rooting for Alex as she worked her way through this maze of malignant men.

To a man, every man she met in the film said, “Calm down,” and “Why are you so angry?” to her. Gosh, I don’t know. Why are women so angry?

Alex found her sister Jenny (Emily Gateley). Jenny was in danger because of what Alex is doing. Alex befriended Donna (Elena Flory-Barnes), who worked as a cleaning woman in the warehouse where the bodies were kept. She helped Donna escape.

John Branch and Elizabeth Cotter in Burn it All

King (John Branch), the head of the operation, called a ‘meeting’ with Alex. He tried to convince her to go away and keep quiet. Mansplaining didn’t work well with her.

This indie was written and directed by Brady Hall. Hall also did the cinematography, editing, and composed the score. The film was made in 17 days in the Pacific Northwest.

Burn it All poster

Have a look at the trailer.

What do you think? Are you going to watch Alex burn down the patriarchy?

2 thoughts on “Burn it All, the patriarchy, that is”

  1. Yes, I’ll watch it. This stuff is going on all over the world. It needs to be publicized. Organ donation would be publicized as well. That would likely help as there aren’t enough donors anywhere.

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