Celebrating Female Friendship For Good

Kristin Chenoweth and Idina Menzel singing "For Good"

Ignorance is not stupidity. This probably means there is hope for the minions who currently support Trump. Assuming they learn something. Forget that horror show. I want to talk about learning a new song.

When I heard “For Good” on another blog it was a revelation. It comes from the musical Wicked, which I have not seen or heard.

I was ignorant. Now I’m not.

I went in search of information about the context of the song in the musical, and I found this on Wikipedia.

The song’s lyrics concern how both Elphaba and Glinda have been changed by their friendship with each other. Glinda starts out by saying that, while she doesn’t know if it is true that people come into each other’s lives for a reason, “I know I’m who I am today because I knew you.” Similarly, Elphaba tells Glinda that “whatever way our stories end, I know you have rewritten mine by being my friend.” Elphaba also asks Glinda to forgive her for anything she might have done wrong, to which Glinda replies that “there’s blame to share”, but both agree that “none of it seems to matter anymore.”

This one is for every female friend I have had in my entire life starting in elementary school and all through the decades up to this moment.

Friendships with other women are so fundamental to women’s lives. When we see good relationships between in popular culture, it’s worth appreciating and rewarding. Sometimes we see it portrayed by sisters as in Jessica Jones or Wynonna Earp. Sometimes we see in between roommates as in Younger or Grace and Frankie. Sadly, Meredith lost her person on Grey’s Anatomy. I daresay the female friendship explains the eternal popularity of Thelma and Louise. Celebrate it wherever you find it. Love your person(s).

2 thoughts on “Celebrating Female Friendship For Good”

  1. I saw ‘Wicked’ a few years ago in Vancouver (not with Chenoweth, unfortunately). An energetic, wild musical, but not necessarily a “must see”. I did enjoy it, and the theme of this song resonated!

    1. I am a lot more familiar with musicals that came out before I retired – back when I could still afford theater tickets to traveling Broadway shows. These days if it doesn’t get made into a movie or staged live on TV I just miss it. Wicked passed me by . . .

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