Dancing Queens – the new drag queen is, wait, what?

Molly Nutley in Dancing Queens

Dancing Queens is a Swedish production full of music, dance, and heartwarming characters. Molly Nutley stars as Dylan, a 23 year old woman living on an island far from the world of dance. But she wants to dance.

Dancing Queens gets Dylan on a stage and dancing, but in a most unusual way. When the story begins, Dylan is at her mother’s grave. She died 17 months ago and Dylan is grieving. Dylan’s mother taught her to dance. She took over her mother’s dance studio and teaches disco dancing to kids. She’s also busy working in her father’s (Mattias Nordkvist) grocery store. Her grandmother (Marie Göranzon) urges her to go into the city and audition for a famous dance company.

When Dylan gets to the city, the audition was a month ago. She gets talked into working for a week cleaning late at night in a drag club so the regular cleaning woman can go meet an online dating prospect.

The drag queens are learning a new routine from their leader Micke (Christopher Wollter). She watches them bitch and complain about the dance, but actually, she wants to be dancing with them. Micke’s boyfriend Victor (Fredrik Quinones) arrives.

Fredrik Quinones and Molly Nutley in Dancing Queens

When everyone leaves, Victor starts to rehearse. He’s a brilliant dancer. Dylan can’t stay away. She dances with him.

After a long conversation with Victor, Dylan dresses up as a guy and goes into the club to apply as a dancer.

The drag queens in Dancing queens

Dylan’s dancing ability makes the drag queens look good and business picks up. There’s more to the story based on Victor’s career as a dancer and other opportunities that come up for Dylan, but I won’t spoil that part of the story for you.

A secondary plot line deals with the struggles and hardships that the men working in the club have experienced in their lives and the community they’ve found with other drag queens. Overall, the film was hopeful and warm hearted and full of likeable characters.

The dance scenes, especially between Dylan and Victor, were beautiful. The views of the islands and the cityscapes were gorgeous, too.

Dancing Queens was co-written and directed by Helena Bergström. It’s streaming on Netflix.

Poster for Dancing Queens

See if the trailer looks like something you’d like.

3 thoughts on “Dancing Queens – the new drag queen is, wait, what?”

  1. Roberta A Hohalek

    Dancing Queen on Netflix was Amazing and the chemistry between Fredrik and Molly was Amazing would love to see a sequel featuring these too discovering love and passion not only for dance but for each other.

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