Drew Barrymore Joins the Zombies in Santa Clarita Diet

Drew Barrymore and Timothy Olyphant in Santa Clarita Diet

Netflix has a new 10 part take on the zombie phenomena in Santa Clarita Diet. The series stars Drew Barrymore and Tymothy Olyphant. The preview looks crazy funny, with a new twist on the popular zombie theme.

Barrymore and Olyphant are Sheila and Joel, a married couple. They sell real estate in Santa Clarita, California. When Sheila dies, their lives take a bloody turn.

Drew Barrymore eats raw ground beef in Santa Clarita Diet
Sheila likes the very rare dishes now

Patton Oswalt and Nathan Fillion are among the supporting cast. Let’s hope neither of them plays a young, single Hitler. Victor Fresco is the series creator.

Check out the trailer. What do you think? Will you be watching Santa Clarita Diet when it premiers on February 3?

Author: Virginia DeBolt

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