Feel Good (season 2) and the rocky road to recovery

Charlotte Ritchie and Mae Martin in Feel Good

Feel Good, season 2, the semi-autobiographical comedy series from Mae Martin, heads down the dark path of recovery. This Netflix season is not so much about comedy as about the traumatic truth that interferes with Mae finding happiness with the woman they love, George (Charlotte Ritchie).

In season 1 of Feel Good, we met comic Mae Martin and saw the beginning of a romance with the English school teacher George. In season 2 their love story continues but it’s wrapped up with Mae’s struggle to deal with the traumas of their youth.

For something labeled a comedy, this series deals with some tough thematic material: sexual abuse, drug addiction, parenting, gender identity, sexual identity, and trust.

When season 2 begins, Mae and George are broken up and Mae has gone home to Canada and rehab. Mae has panic attacks, hides under the bed, and doesn’t know what’s going on in their head. They call their childhood friend Scott (John Ross Bowie) to break out of rehab. As the story slowly is revealed over 6 episodes, we discover the source of their problems. Not drugs. Not an inability to love George properly.

Back in England, George and their flaky roommate Phil (Phil Burgers) are both missing Mae terribly. When they show up again, George can’t make up with Mae fast enough.

Mae does everything possible to distract themselves from reality, from remembering the past. Mae and George play hilarious, role-playing sex games. They have people over for meals and help Binky (Ophelia Lovibond) have her baby.

Lisa Kudrow, Adrian Lukis, Mae Martin, and Charlotte Ritchie in Feel Good

Later they head to Canada. Phil goes along. Phil and Mae’s parents (Lisa Kudrow and Adrian Lukis) have a “thing.”

Charlotte Ritchie and Mae Martin in Feel Good

While in Canada sleeping in Mae’s childhood bedroom, things finally get better. The point is made that it’s sometimes hard to be healthy enough to let yourself be loved and love in return.

Poster for Feel Good

Feel Good is a beautifully told story of redemption and love. I totally recommend it.

Here’s the season 2 trailer.

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