Gutsy review: women are the world’s greatest resource

Hillary Clinton and Chelsea Clinton in the woods in Gutsy

Gutsy, from Hillary Clinton and her daughter Chelsea Clinton, takes us on a journey to meet and learn about a multitude of women who are making a difference in the world. The documentary series is based on their book The Book of Gutsy Women [affiliate link].

The advertising for Gutsy features the famous women interviewed, but I thought the women who are less known were more interesting – inventors, firefighters, mothers, marchers, trans aunties, gay couples, and local leaders.

Lots of famous names among the gutsy women.

The conversations with the women were always interesting. Sometimes the Clintons did things with them such as learn to clown or make tamales. Often they just talked and listened.

Hillary Clinton listens in Gutsy

The moments of listening were the most enlightening. The various women got to speak for themselves, eloquently and with passion. There was plenty of laughing and encouragement. There were a few moments of unexpected revelations from the Clintons, but not many.

References to the Defense of Marriage Act or law and order legislation that had affected many of the guests were glossed over, but the women were allowed to speak without censorship.

The part that was less polished were the moments when Hillary and Chelsea chatted about what was to come in the next interview or the next topic. They are both poised in front of a camera, but their exposition was less interesting than the conversations with the gutsy women.

Overall the series was inspiring and almost thrilling. So many women in so many places are doing the work of making the world a better place. They have to stand up to white supremacy, patriarchy, poverty, injustice, and powerful men and they do with with courage and determination. They don’t give up.

I feel grateful to all the women featured for their contributions and for their courage. They are all making the world a better place. We need them so much!

If the Clinton mother and daughter team want to come up with a few dozen more gutsy women to feature in a second season, I’ll be there to watch.

The documentary series is on Apple TV+.

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