Worn Stories – documentary series about real life and the power of clothes

Worn Stories is surprisingly interesting. It tells stories about real people. Some of them are well known, some of them are not. The thematic thread holding these tales together is clothing. This Netflix series was a Jenji Kohan project.

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PRIDE, documenting decades of history

PRIDE, a documentary series from FX (also on Hulu) tells the history of the LBGTQ+ rights struggle decade by decade starting in the 1950s and continuing through the 2000s.

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Home, a documentary series about experimental living spaces

Home, on Apple TV+ is a series about experimental ways of building homes and community spaces. Each of the homes highlighted in the 9 episodes encompass ideas that could benefit many others, save resources, and improve the environment.

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Genius: Aretha strikes a chord for genius

Genius: Aretha is the third season of a National Geographic series about geniuses. The first two seasons were about Picasso and Einstein. Now we have Aretha Franklin. The series isn’t a traditional biopic. It’s more about the music than anything else. After streaming on the National Geographic channel, it’s now on Hulu.

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Review: Immigration Nation

Immigration Nation takes a long look at the current status of immigration into the United States. It looks from every angle – that of the immigrants, that of ICE, that of Homeland Security, that of activists, that of volunteers. It focuses in on individual people and how policies affect them.

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Review: Absurd Planet

Absurd Planet is absurd. It’s full of poop jokes and reproduction jokes and pop culture references. It’s corny and juvenile and stupidly sarcastic. It’s like Sesame Street became The Simpsons. Yet, weirdly, you can actually learn something from this documentary series.

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Review: Diagnosis

Diagnosis takes crowdsourcing into the medical field as a doctor uses her column in The New York Times Magazine to seek advice from around the world on hard to diagnose cases.

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